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Annual Giving

Support St Catherine’s School and the philanthropic work of the School Foundation to enhance the educational opportunities of our students, and emerging young women through our 2022 Annual Giving campaign.

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She is Strong

SHE IS STRONG articulates our commitment to a St Catherine’s Athlete Development Academy, dedicated to extending both the sporting and academic capabilities of our female athletes to ensure every St Catherine’s student reaches her personal potential in sport.

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Her Advantage

Giving to our Indigenous, Rural and Hardship Fund provides opportunities that benefit not only the recipients themselves but enrich our student experience and the whole school community.

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Her Story

In 2021, donations to the Library Fund will deliver Phase 1 of the Archive digitisation and preservation project, including the creation of an onsite and online Heritage Trail, which honours and shares our past with the whole community.

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Her Ties

We ask our Old Girls to consider providing the opportunity of a St Catherine’s education for generations of young women to come, by helping to establish our Old Girls' Excellence Bursary.

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Her Future

The Hardship Fund offers an uninterrupted and continuing education for current students whose families face hardship, and also financial support to new students who would otherwise not be given a St Catherine’s education.

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Her Moment of Lift

The St Catherine’s School Foundation is a society that provides financial support to change the course of student lives. By becoming a member, you lift up girls: their gaze, their voice; their opportunities to flourish.

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Her Guardians

Leaving Gifts in Will is an impactful way to guarantee a St Catherine’s education for generations of young women to come. Legacies of every size matter and can be directed to support infrastructure, resources and scholarships.

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Become a Member

Our Foundation is a society of bold and loyal donors daring to give our girls every chance to shine. 

At no other time than in this rapidly evolving and uncertain world has being a giving society mattered.

Each year, since 1996, we welcome new members to join us in the pursuit of the best possible facilities, equipment and programs for the young women responsible for our future. 

Income from tuition fees covers the operating and general costs only. Philanthropy supports innovation and builds infrastructure and program capacity in a distinct way. By becoming a member of our School Foundation, you will help transform the educational experience and lives of generations of young girls and women. 

Generous giving is an expression of love to our community

We support St Catherine’s School Foundation because we truly care. When giving is from our hearts, we are not only creating a bond, but also showing our appreciation. Generous giving is an expression of love to our community and members.” Andrew Huang & Angela Zhang

First Responders to the St Catherine’s Hardship Fund

Gillian and Paul are Jeanie Hood Society members who understand that a close community is a strong community, and believe that keeping the blue ribbon on St Catherine’s girls is at the very heart of their support to Hardship.

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Find Something You Love and Pursue it With Gusto

St Catherine’s Old Girl and Foundation Board Member Fiona Menzies (’87) is a highly regarded Arts professional. She is the CEO of Creative Partnerships Australia, a Trustee at the Gordon Darling Foundation, and a former Chief of Staff to two federal Arts Ministers.

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St Catherine’s Circle Member, Lisa Nicoll-Cooke

Women from my family have been attending St Catherine's for nearly one hundred years and I would like this sense of family connection to continue for other School families. I feel so strongly about family connection that I am willing to support this financially.

Learning From Participation and Generosity

We are really pleased to support the St Catherine’s Building Fund, in particular the development of the Blackbox Theatre, which will play a vital role in our girls’ School life. We intend to shape them to become women of the future.

Welcome New Foundation Members – Brianna Zhou and Tony Shu

Reducing the Urban and Rural Divide

We feel strongly about supporting other families, particularly from rural communities, who can add diversity to both the student and parent cohort and we recognised that joining the Foundation was the best way to enable this.

Welcome New Foundation Members – Fleur and Ronnie Calvert

Andrew Huang & Angela Zhang

Gillian Ruan and Paul Yu

Foundation Board Member Fiona Menzies

Lisa Nicoll-Cooke

Brianna Zhou and Tony Shu

Fleur and Ronnie Calvert