Impact of Giving

I was recently asked what the role of the St Catherine’s School Foundation was, and to explain how to become a member. Our Foundation Board is a collective group of volunteers with representation across all our community groups, who help to engage and nurture a strong culture of philanthropy. The Foundation Board strategically leads philanthropic programs for St Catherine’s with students at the centre of all its endeavours. It assists parents and alumnae to understand how giving contributes to the immediate benefit for lasting and life-changing impact.

Foundation Membership is determined by the level of giving and signifies the gifts made. Gifts to the St Catherine’s School Foundation can be made by pledging a gift over a period, or made as a one-off-gift. As giving and support for the School continues to grow, Foundation Membership level elevates.  

One of the greatest contributions individuals and families can make to empower our young people is the gift of education. Validating the vision of a building project, scholarship program or continuing to build the Endowment Fund for the benefit of future generations, is incredibly rewarding.  

Our donors are motivated by seeing the immediate impact of a gift, no matter how big or small. One of the factors that influence donors is how well their impact is reported on, what happened to their gift, was it appreciated, was it well used, how did they deal with it?  

By now you may have received the Impact of Giving Report for 2020-2021. In the Report we gratefully acknowledge the strong and caring support from our philanthropic community. The Report also highlights some of the outcomes that have been made possible. The Impact of Giving Report is available to read here 

The financial support provided by our generous community is essential for the St Catherine’s School Foundation’s ongoing philanthropic endeavours. It is such a privilege to work with our School Foundation and help direct Philanthropic priorities.  

Currently, our immediate fundraising effort is the She is Strong campaign. St Catherine’s School Foundation is hoping to raise $1M to complete the exciting transformation of the existing Senior School Hall in the Dorothy Pizzey Centre into a new Sports Centre. Given the importance and need for this transformative refurbishment, we are seeking philanthropic investments from our wider School community to champion our pursuit for a thriving sports hub, so we can complete this vital building project as early as possible in 2023. 

For more information regarding how you can support the St Catherine’s School Foundation and our She is Strong fundraising campaign, contact me by email or 9828 3032. 

My grateful thanks go out to all our generous donors for their ongoing support this year. Thank you for investing in the future of St Catherine’s School and supporting our remarkable young women. 

Thank you 

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