​An interview with current St Catherine’s parents, Tamsin Greig and Cameron Hall

Why did you choose St Catherine’s School? 

Prior to our return to Melbourne we made contact with St Catherine’s and were immediately welcomed and felt incredibly supported during a challenging relocation. It was, and continues to be, the honesty, open communication, academic results and the strong sense of community that extends across all aspects of the School that has resulted in our three daughters now attending St Catherine’s.

The St Catherine’s sense of community, so important for our children’s education and development, has been very warmly felt by our whole family from the very first meeting and event attended. We have all developed strong friendships and bonds with fellow students, teachers and other families.

How did you find the whole process of selecting a School and what made it helpful?  When the time comes to select a school for your children (in our case all girls), it is a difficult process given the range of options available and the fact that one school may not suit all of your children. We spoke with a range of friends, family and parents from a number of schools with St Catherine’s always receiving positive commentary. We visited St Catherine’s and talked to a number of teachers and leaders in the Junior School all of who gave us a very strong feeling of:

  • values,
  • academic achievement,
  • individual focus on each student,
  • clear support and development for each student to follow their interests; and
  • an underlying determination for success.

These were all things we had identified as important aspects of the School we wanted our children to attend. We were very fortunate to be able to find them all so abundantly evident in St Catherine’s

What do you think are the greatest strengths of St Catherine’s? The smaller size of St Catherine’s, the broad sense of community and the extensive range of both curricular and co-curricular programs (sporting, community and Arts) all provide significant opportunities and deliver well rounded, confident students who are encouraged and supported to always do their best are just some of St Catherine’s greatest strengths. St Catherine’s academic results are outstanding and the School provides a strong platform allowing the girls to continue on to greater success in their chosen field. We believe it is the blend of experiences, learning and opportunities that sees so many St Catherine’s girls reach outstanding achievements in the community, business, sports and the Arts.

The leadership group at the School (teachers and administrators) are fantastic and combine with parents to deliver amazing results whether that be academic pursuits, continued development of the School, cultural opportunities or sporting success. This partnership is the essential ingredient that continually allows St Catherine’s to nurture and empower young women.


How did your girls find the ‘settling in’ process at St Catherine’s? Each of our girls have joined St Catherine’s in Year 4. They were all warmly welcomed and involved in all sorts of activities immediately. Often in a new school those first few weeks are very difficult, however with three out of three successes, St Catherine’s and the School environment seem to have it right with our girls eager to go to School to catch up with friends and teachers. The transition from Junior to Senior School is well planned and managed with a lot of information, engagement and support of the girls provided to deliver a smooth process.

What ways can parents be involved in the life of the School? Parents are openly encouraged and welcomed to be an active participant in the various committees, Parents’ and Friends’ Association, School plays and performances or via School excursions, sporting teams or exchange programs. Whether parents are able to offer a lot of time and involvement or a little from time to time, it is understood and always gratefully received by the whole School community. The way the School and parents come together in times of need for individuals and families of the School, or for the needs of the general community, is extremely generous and provides a strong example and foundation of support for our children and family and the future of the School.