Scaffolding from our robust Year 7 program our Year 8 curriculum further develops our students’ academic vigour as well as their personal development.

Complemented by our well-established wellbeing program, which ensures each girl feels valued and supported in her learning, our well devised, generalist core curriculum enables our students to identify their own strengths and talents, whilst still experiencing a full range of subjects that explore and realise every student’s potential.

We support each student’s learning by offering extension and educational support as required, particularly in the Literacy and Numeracy areas. Differentiation within the classroom is promoted so the capabilities of each individual student can be encouraged and enhanced.

As well as developing student knowledge and understanding of content there is an additional emphasis upon developing the actual skills of learning. The learning environment is very much designed for differentiated learning where each student is able to learn according to her individual needs and where she can be challenged and extended through the Academic Honours Program offered in English, Mathematics, Humanities and Science or provided additional educational support.

Students in Year 8 should be exposed to a broad-based curriculum that provides experiences in all of the key learning areas laying a foundation for students to make choices from a wide range of elective studies at senior level. As they transition to Year 9, elective offerings and global exchanges encourage students to experiment, explore, challenge and try out new curriculum areas. By Year 10, the academic programs connect more closely with the VCE subjects by narrowing the curriculum offerings but allocating more time to provide depth of study enabling students to
sharpen their focus and to provide an improved platform for the heightened needs of VCE academic programs.

Throughout the year our Head of Year 8 provides ongoing guidance, pastoral care and coordination of the Year 8 cohort, as well as ongoing communication with parents.

Our core subjects ensure our students gain a strong foundation in essential learning areas:
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Geography
  • History
  • Languages (One language is selected to study from French and Chinese)
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Media Studies
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Health and Personal Development – peer pressure awareness, cyber education, conflict resolution, risk taking behaviour awareness, body image and positive role models

FromYear 9 students select from a variety of elective subjects.