In the Senior year, leadership potential is realised, initiative and intellectual curiosity are met more fully, and collaborative and supportive learning with St Catherine’s staff takes on a stronger one-on-one focus.

Collegiality and civic responsibility, celebration of diverse cultures both within and beyond our communities and the role of self-actualisation in achieving student tertiary goals are acknowledged aspects of Year 12.

Positioning each girl for the world beyond School our broad range of VCE studies matched with our expert careers program allows students to draw aptly, and meaningfully, from what is on offer.

Throughout the year our Head of Year 12 provides ongoing guidance, pastoral care and coordination of the Year 12 cohort as well as ongoing communication with parents.

Subjects on offer

  • Studio Arts (Units 3&4)
  • Theatre Studies (Units 3&4)
  • Media Studies (Units 3&4)
  • Music: Solo Performance (Units 3&4)
  • Visual Communication and Design (Units 3&4)
English Faculty
  • English (Units 3&4)
  • English as an Additional Language (EAL) (Units 3&4)
  • Literature (Units 3&4)
Languages other than English
  • Chinese (Units 3&4)
  • French (Units 3&4)
  • Japanese (Units 3&4)
Health & PE
  • Health and Human Development (Units 3&4)
  • Physical Education (Units 3&4)
  • VET Sport and Recreation (Units 3&4)
  • Accounting (Units 3&4)
  • Business Management (Units 3&4)
  • Economics (Units 3&4)
  • Geography (Units 3&4)
  • Global Politics (Units 3&4)
  • History – Revolutions (Units 3&4)
  • Further Mathematics (Units 3&4)
  • Mathematical Methods (CAS) (Units 3&4)
  • Specialist Mathematics (Units 3&4)

Pastoral Care

  • Year 12 Residential Conference (including a range of sessions on Careers, Public Speaking, Health and Wellbeing and preparation for VCE)
  • Careers Advice sessions including individual counselling as required
  • Peer Support Activities with Year 7
  • Stress Management Technique Workshops
  • Study and Examination skills
  • Interview Skills Program