​St Catherine’s Careers Program provides individualised guidance, assessment and support for students in Years 7 to 12 and beyond, providing every student with a comprehensive knowledge of their personal skill sets and up to date information on career pathways.

Graduate Destinations

By understanding themselves better, students are able to make informed subject choices whilst also exploring a breadth of career opportunities.

Our Career’s Program begins in Year 7 and builds sequentially through to Year 12. All students work towards developing an ePortfolio recording achievements, skills, interests and goals.

Our newly developed Careers Centre is managed by our highly qualified Careers Practitioner. Students are well informed about further study options locally, nationally and internationally.

Through a broad range of assessment and career testing tools we are able to better understand the learning styles and capabilities of every student, assisting us to teach more effectively and providing our students with a more comprehensive understanding of their skills and aptitudes.

We are fortunate to have a broad and supportive network of Old Girls as well as current and past parents who offer their time and expertise to students. Throughout the School year students gain insights from various guests about their career journey, whilst also imparting knowledge and wisdom relating to what may await our students as they transition from School.

Additionally we host an annual Career’s Breakfast and networking events throughout the year.

In Year 11 students participate in St Catherine’s Mentor Program providing students with opportunities to question and observe successful professionals in a range of career areas. Students are also provided guidance on workplace skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication and stress management.

St Catherine’s School provides students with the opportunity to tailor their VCE program to meet their individual learning needs and styles. Girls can participate in Vocational Educational and Training courses, School Based Traineeships and University Enhancement Classes.