St Catherine’s builds on its history and foundation as an exceptional girls’ school by providing strong leadership and strategic direction across both our teaching and general staff.


With an emphasis on providing strong leadership for the implementation of the St Catherine’s Strategic Vision, the Leadership Team is responsible for the operational needs of the School, ensuring our commitment to empowering and nurturing women of the future is evidenced through all our outstanding and dynamic educational programs.

Meet our Principal

​Mrs Michelle Carroll

An outstanding leader with a great passion for, and academic interest in, adolescent wellbeing, her focus is centred on creating and delivering an educational environment where girls’ individual strengths can flourish, and where girls are empowered to grow into confident, capable and healthy young women.

Meet our Head of Junior School

Ms Karen McArdle

As a leading educator, Ms McArdle brings to St Catherine’s a wealth of experience in areas of professional learning involving academic data analysis to monitor student progress and to inform teaching practice that enables the development of differentiated teaching and a personalised learning experience for all students. Mrs McArdle’s natural warmth, genial and friendly approach enables a vibrant school community to flourish with the nurturing of happy and engaged children.

Meet our Head of Early Learning Centre

Ms Sarah Bethune

Sarah Bethune is the Head of Early Learning Centre, a role which involves supports the children, families and staff in Campbell House, as well as teaching within each of our four learning rooms. With exceptional organisational and managerial skills, a specialised knowledge of child development and an innate ability to provide pastoral care to children and families, Sarah is a true asset to St Catherine’s Early Learning Centre.

Meet our Deputy Principal – School Operations

Mrs Gina Peele

Deputy Principal, School Operations, Mrs Gina Peele is responsible for coordinating Senior School Co-curricular programs and manages the daily operations of the School, ensuring the School operates in a calm, purposeful and respectful manner.


Meet our Deputy Principal Teaching and Learning

Mrs Ceri Lloyd

As Deputy Principal Teaching and Learning, Ceri Lloyd leads the delivery of the academic programs in the Senior School and the Senior Years Learning Model. Ceri works specifically with the Middle Leaders, the Director of Middle Years and Senior Years and staff in developing and promoting student agency and independent learning. Ceri also leads the staff professional learning and Thinking Agenda. Ceri is a high achieving educator and leader with extensive experience in educational pedagogy and management skills in leadership, problem solving and decision making.