​Based on educational research and our experience, we know single-sex education offers girls the greatest chance to ignore stereotypes, develop strong self-worth and grow in confidence.

Studies have concluded that all-girls’ schools were more frequently associated with higher career aspirations, improved test scores and better learning climates for students.

In a co-education classroom, boys take up more than two thirds of a teacher’s time. We make no apologies for giving girls our undivided attention.

Our learning environment is tailored to their needs and interests, and surroundings by other girls, they show fewer inhibitions and develop into more confident risk takers.

In an all-girls School girls take on leadership roles and are surrounded by strong female role models. Young women graduate from a girls’ school not only ready to take their place in the world as a person of equal intellectual stature, but also knowing they are capable of leading.

Studies have shown that tailoring every lesson, every programme and every opportunity — from leadership positions and girl-centric wellbeing programmes, to science and sporting activities — to suit girls, is enormously beneficial:

  • Have 35% higher intentions of completing a degree or doctorate. 1
  • Scored up to 10% higher on academic tests of science, mathematics and literacy. 1
  • Scored 10% higher on measures of science knowledge and confidence. 1
  • Scored up to 7% higher on measures of reading evaluation and reflection, and locating and understanding information. 1
  • High occupational status in terms of acquiring leadership roles
  • Create learning environment that is free from gender discrimination, girls achieve greater academic success and are more confident. 2
  • A decrease in stereotypical views
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