Our publications provide essential information about our School, fostering a connection between the classroom and the community. All publications are produced by the School’s Marketing Department.

St Catherine’s News

St Catherine’s News is delivered twice a year to our wider community of parents, Old Girls, staff, past parents and others associated with the School. Incorporating the Bulletin of the Old Girls’ Association, this magazine provides an overview of the many activities and events of present and past St Catherine’s students. If you would like to receive St Catherine’s News please contact us.

Spring 2021
Autumn 2021
2020 St Catherines News – Spring 2020
St Catherine’s News – Autumn 2020
2019 St Catherines News – Spring 2019
St Catherine’s News – Autumn 2019
2018 St Catherine’s News – Spring 2018
St Catherine’s News – Autumn 2018
2017 St Catherine’s New – Spring 2017
St Catherine’s News – Autumn 2017
2016 St Catherine’s News – Spring 2016
St Catherine’s News – Autumn 2016 
2015 St Catherine’s News – Spring 2015
St Catherine’s News – Autumn 2015

News and photos for the St Catherine’s News Old Girls’ Bulletin, including births, deaths and marriages, can be sent to: oldgirls@stcatherines.net.au or mailed to SCOGA, 17 Heyington Place, Toorak Vic 3142. Photos must be high-quality resolution.

Year in Review

2020 will be remembered as a unique time for our School and community. We remain inspired by our community who will undoubtedly be remembered for their persistence, positivity and their ability to adapt to the circumstances.

Our Magazine (Year Book) is produced annually by the Marketing Office. The Magazine provides highlights of the year and is distributed in the last week of  Term 4 to all students. To request a copy, please contact us.


Conscientia showcases the inspiring efforts of our teachers. Their wisdom, dedication and passion for education allows St Catherine’s to remain enduringly steady and strong in its mission to empower and nurture women of the future.

Conscientia Volume 5

Conscientia Volume 4

Conscientia Volume 3

Conscientia Volume 2

Conscientia Volume 1

The Blue Ribbon

The Blue Ribbon is the School’s e-newsletter, available to parents and members of the St Catherine’s Community each Friday. The dynamic e-newsletter format fosters the School’s strong commitment to sustainability and the use of current communication technologies.

Our wider community of Old Girls and past parents may also subscribe to receive The Blue Ribbon by contacting us.


For further information on publications please contact:

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Email:  marketing@stcatherines.net.au
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