St Catherine’s is a vibrant, close-knit community where students, teachers and parents share in the journey of learning.

Early Learning

Guided by the Australian Early Years Learning Framework, the Early Learning Centre (ELC) provides an exceptional educational experience for each child.

Our highly qualified and professional educators create a vibrant learning environment that offers every child the best possible start to their schooling years. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, the rich educational environment at St Catherine’s encourages children to wonder, to imagine, to explore, to investigate, to create and to belong. Enjoying the play-based activities crafted and interwoven through each day enables every child to flourish and every child to love learning.

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Junior School Junior School

Junior School

Our Junior School empowers and nurtures children through their formative years providing a learning environment enriched with experiences, opportunities and an atmosphere of individual care and attention.

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Senior School

Senior School

Our comprehensive Senior School curriculum provides student with a diverse subject choice and encourages collaborative and individual learning.

Our students are prepared for their futures with a strong focus on the skills required in the 21st Century including problem solving, communication, negotiation, presentation, planning and research skills.

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Academic Foundations


Explores Mathematical concepts and problems that are beyond the confines of the syllabus. Our Program broadens students’ Mathematical experiences and extends their Mathematical thinking skills.


Students are challenged to think differently about concepts in history and question the evaluation of traditional evidence. Each fortnight students are presented with a new tool for skill development and a new thinking skill. In small groups students collaborate and share information online, allowing them to further their understanding and continue meaningful conversations outside the traditional classroom space.


Our English Academic Honours Program invites and inspires young writers into a world of imagination and creation. Students craft their writing skills through the free exploration of creative writing challenges. Students each fortnight are invited to connect and collect wisdom from other students online.


The Year 7 Science Academic Honours Program centres around the concept of ‘Alchemy’ where students will investigate solubility and crystallisation and compete in the RACI Crystal Growing Competition. Students in the Year 8 Honours Program will investigate pulleys, levers and simple machines. Students will then put their skills to the test in constructing a simple hydraulic machine.

At St Catherine’s every girl is involved. It is our team spirit, dedication and inspiring teaching that has our students consistently rising to outstanding results.


With expert coaching available, many of our students are outstanding sportswoman and excel within their individual sporting pursuits. We are privileged to have nurtured numerous elite athletes who have represented Australia.

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Did you know?

Lauren Hewitt

Lauren Hewitt (’96) is one of Australia’s most recognisable female 100m and 200m runners. She represented Australia at three Olympic Games, six world championships and three Commonwealth Games over a 12 year professional athletics career, where she amassed 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 3 Bronze medals and 12 Australian titles.

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Lauren Hewitt
Music Music


​Our dynamic and enriching Music Program provides students with opportunities to learn and appreciate Music for life.

Our extensive classroom Music curriculum and thriving instrumental program provide students with an exciting range of opportunities to learn and build upon their musical skills through both individual and ensemble performances. Scholarships based on musical ability are awarded each year.

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Educational Travel

Educational Travel

​Opportunities to travel with School instil greater cultural understanding and broader perspectives and personal awareness.

We offer:

  • Language Exchanges
  • Cultural Exchanges
  • Australian Exchanges
  • Study Tours
  • Expeditions

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The Debating and Public Speaking program is one of St Catherine’s most popular co-curricular offerings with over 100 girls involved each year.

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Writers & Arts Club

Writers & Arts Club

We believe the Visual Arts are a vehicle for self-expression, as well as a foundation for creative thinking and later career options. Works produced by girls of all ages are displayed throughout the School and in the community, reflecting our commitment to creativity and artistic appreciation within St Catherine’s. Many of St Catherine’s Old Girls have pursued successful careers as artists.

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Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education

St Catherine’s School provides students a wide range of opportunities to extend their learning, knowledge and confidence through interstate and overseas travel.

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St Catherine’s Swimming Club

St Catherine’s Swimming Club

Along with our competitive Swimming club, St Catherine’s Aquatic, we also provide activities including Squad Swimming, Learn To Swim, Water Polo, and Adult Swim Classes. Physical Education classes operating throughout the day also take advantage of opportunities such as Diving, Underwater Hockey and Life Saving Skills.

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The physical, emotional and social wellbeing of our students is at the forefront of all that we do at St Catherine’s. Our whole of School program, weThrive: Wellbeing@St Catherine’s ensures students build on their self-confidence, resilience, empathy and integrity.

Values in weThrive

Through a thematic, integrated and age appropriate wellbeing program, students discuss topics such as realistic and mindful thinking, emotion recognition and regulation, positive relationships, digital citizenship, optimism, gratitude and leadership.

Values - We Explore

We Explore

who we are, through learning, through play

Values - We Grow

We Grow

as people, through relationships with others, through mindfulness and reflection

Values - We Reach

We Reach

out to others, we strive to reach our personal best, we show leadership

Values - We Belong

We Belong

in our friendship groups, in Form and House groups, at St Catherine’s

Values - We Connect

We Connect

with self, with others, with community

Values - We Engage

We Engage

with self, with others, with community

Values - We Embrace

We Embrace

opportunity, our community, our world

Values - We Accomplish

We Accomplish

we maximise opportunity, we develop leadership, we strive for our goals

Values - We Lead

We Lead

as a team, by example, to inspire

Values - We Share

We Share

our home, our stories, our world

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 Student Leadership Student Leadership

Student Leadership

St Catherine’s has a strong tradition of student leadership. Our Student Leadership system provides girls with leadership training and skill development as well as opportunities to experience positions of responsibility.

Our culture of collaboration ensures a mutual respect between teachers and students and continues to create a school environment which we all enjoy and can play a part in creating.

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Community Service

Community service

Nurturing a culture of empathy, understanding and giving St Catherine’s provides continual opportunities for students to work together to develop and promote relationships and initiatives that will assist our local and international communities.

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Boarding at St Catherine’s School provides our girls with a safe and comfortable living environment. They have the opportunity to make friends with girls from across Australia and around the world. Life as a boarder is a time for making good friends, fun memories and great study habits.

Living away from home

What it is like living away from home

“Throughout my time in the boarding house I have been lucky enough to develop close friendships with many girls, not just in my Year level, but also in the younger years. I definitely think this is unique to boarding as you would not normally integrate with other Year levels if you just attended School as a day student. I also love the sense of family and community you gain through boarding, especially at St Catherine’s where we are lucky enough to have such a small number of boarders, as you have the opportunity to develop strong friendships with almost every girl in the Boarding House.”

— Morgan O’Brien

The caring and friendly environment

The caring and friendly environment

Our boarding staff are especially chosen for their caring attitudes and warm personalities.

Older students also support younger boarders and a culture of respect and kindness makes the Boarding House a great home.

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The caring and friendly environment
The caring and friendly environment
Study and academic support

Study and academic support

​The Boarding staff are involved in the daily pastoral care of the boarders and play a key role in supporting their academic progress. During the school week, members of the Boarding staff oversee homework and study time with Years 7 and 8 students receiving additional homework support twice a week from School provided tutors. Our older students are encouraged to mentor younger boarders and often provide assistance with both academic studies and social needs.

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Co-curricular activities and fun Co-curricular activities and fun

Co-curricular activities and fun

St Catherine’s boarders have always been encouraged to become involved with all aspects of the co-curricular life of the School.

Living adjacent to the School, boarders are ideally placed to attend early morning and afterschool practices, rehearsals and matches. Boarders take responsibility for their own time management and this skill may be developed and improved through involvement in co-curricular activities.

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