Get to know our 2024 School Captains, Alice Molnar and Scarlett Shelton.

As our 2024 School Co-Captains, Alice Molnar and Scarlett Shelton commence their leadership roles, they share their thoughts for the coming year.

What do you hope to accomplish in your role as School Captain this year?    

Alice: St Catherine’s has always provided me with a passionate and supportive community. I want every girl to experience this sense of belonging. It’s important for all students to feel comfortable being themselves and exploring new opportunities. St Catherine’s, being a small school, offers unique chances for each girl to try new things whilst being supported. I hope I can drive this culture. 

Scarlett: I would really love to create a School environment in which all students have the ability to individually and cohesively immerse themselves within School activities and feel they have their passions and hobbies catered for – whether that be academically or not.   

Further, I want each St Catherine’s student to feel valued and heard. This could be achieved through existing programs such as Student VOICES, or through clubs and light-hearted talks that develop deep bonds between Year levels and students.   

Overall, I just want the girls at St Catherine’s to wake up and feel excited to come to School each morning knowing the teachers and Leadership Team have created an environment and culture in which students are challenged, cared for, happy, and set up for success.      

How did you become interested in a student leadership role?   

Alice: I’ve always been eager to implement change and I have numerous ideas how I could make a positive impact at School. Leadership has consistently intrigued me – during assemblies when previous Captains would present, I couldn’t help but envision what I would do if I were in their shoes. Consequently, I was very keen to be a part of the School Executive so I could be a leader and change agent.  

Scarlett: Leadership has always been at the forefront of my mind from an early age. My Dad has always pushed me to go further, and created an idea that leadership is a quality, life skill, and job I should always be willing to accept and strive for.   

In primary school I always went for mini leadership roles and in Year 6, I was selected as one of the School Co-Captains. For me, this cemented my passion and desire for leadership and stepping into bigger roles. Coming into St Catherine’s in Year 7, I told both my parents and Ms Carroll, that I wanted to be a leader at St Catherine’s. Even applying and showing your interest and eagerness to have these roles goes a very long way.    

What are the key responsibilities of being School Captain?   

Alice: The key responsibilities of being School Captain are to be approachable. A School Captain should be open to everyone’s opinions, whether it is a first-day Year 7 student, someone in Year 12, or a teacher; every idea is valuable. Students should not feel intimidated when approaching the School Captain. Additionally, I aspire to represent the School Values of Empathy, Perseverance and Gratitude to the best of my ability.  

Scarlett: One that I feel tops all responsibilities of being a School Captain is spreading positivity and passion. These key qualities are a responsibility as they set the tone and atmosphere of the School.   

Moreover, another responsibility is maintaining and demonstrating the correct way in which we expect students to behave and carry themselves, but this isn’t effective without doing it in a positive manner and without having genuine care for how the School is conveyed and presented.   

There are various responsibilities, but another essential one is to ensure new ideas are constantly being brainstormed, because as School Co-Captain we are always looking for ways to enhance the student experiences and School. It would be a disservice to the community if effort wasn’t being put into using the role we have.   

Finally, I think being present is imperative. Showing up and supporting students in all areas of the School reflects care and value to the students’ efforts and encourages participation, which is key in high school.    

What is one word that best describes the kind of School Captain you would like to be?   

Alice: Kindness. 

By the end of 2024, I aspire to be remembered as a kind School Captain. Kindness is a value I deeply cherish, and I am determined to emphasise it this year. A simple act of kindness can turn someone’s day around, fostering a sense of appreciation and positivity. Especially during the stresses and demands of school, creating a culture of caring can often be overlooked. I am determined to cultivate a positive and compassionate atmosphere, recognising that kindness holds the power to make a significant impact. As a leader, I aim to be an example of kindness, hopeful that this recognition will not only encourage individuals but inspire others to follow suit. This can create a positive ripple effect.  

Scarlett: Driven.  

Although a simple word, driven by definition is a person who is compelled by the need to accomplish a goal, very hard working and ambitious. I want the students and teachers to have complete trust in me as School Co-Captain and know that I truly will do my best to better this School in any way possible.     

Describe the most enjoyable aspects of being part of St Catherine’s School?   

Alice: For me, I love the close-knit community. I love walking through the School Gates and waving at girls from all different Year levels, which I feel you do not get at many schools. In a world where much of life lacks a personal touch and remote work is common, I recognise that this may be the last time I’ll experience the warmth of being truly surrounded by a supportive community. I want to cherish this School community and the unique opportunities that come with being part of a smaller girls’ school.  

Scarlett: Being at a small school like St Catherine’s means that there is a level of connectivity that other schools miss out on. It is a privilege others don’t always appreciate. Knowing all students on a semi-deep level is an incredibly lucky and enjoyable aspect. Another enjoyable part of St Catherine’s is the School’s ability to cater to each student’s needs and ensure their time here is special, does its job, and teaches them more than just what is in the School’s academic curriculum, including life skills, memories, friendships, and experiences we will all continue to reflect at our 20, 30, 40, 50-year reunions.   

Another great aspect is that all students at St Catherine’s are authentic. A lot of that is because of the School environment they are surrounded by. Being in a school that has really great, and diverse people/personalities makes coming to School a much more enjoyable thing to do.    

What is one quality a good leader needs to have?    

Alice: I believe a crucial quality of effective leadership is selflessness. A true leader assumes their role with the primary goal of improving the experience of others. It’s not about prioritising personal needs or implementing changes for self-interest, but rather, it’s about contributing to the wellbeing of the community.  

Scarlett: There are obviously various qualities, and I have touched on the importance of positivity and passion already so I would say confidence. Confidence to take new ideas and turn them into a reality, confidence to speak with other Year levels appropriately, confidence to deliver important messages, confidence in my ability to know I have what it takes to do this role well, confidence in the School and the Student Executive, and confidence to take on an important roles like School Co-Captain.  

What is one thing you would like to take from the experience of being School Captain once you leave St Catherine’s?  

Alice: I hope I can become more resilient. I know this year there will be bumps along the way, and there will be challenges that come with being School Co-Captain. I hope to have the mindset that I can face them, learn, and move on. I want to keep positive and find an appropriate solution. I believe developing more resilience will serve me well, not only during my role as a School Co-Captain but also as I transition to university and later into the workforce.  

Scarlett: I really want to soak up and appreciate the extra opportunities and insight I get from this role. The conversations I will get to have with other leaders and what activities or ideas they use to get desired results. The skills I will gain from leading a big group and being in a mindset of thinking about how actions or initiatives will positively and/or negatively affect a wider group is so essential. I am excited to see how this will enhance my perspective for life in general, and what contributions I will be able to make to St Catherine’s in 2024.