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It is important to ensure that, even amidst change and uncertainty, stable environments are created for our students to enable them to thrive now and into the future.

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Celebrating 125 Years

As we celebrate our 125 Year Anniversary, we invite you to step back in time through some of the many stories that have made life at St Catherine’s.

Our Stories

She Who Dares Learns

Our Junior School provides an environment that allows girls to find their voice and develop into confident, capable and happy students.

Her Journey

She Who Dares Leads

The moment a student walks through Heyington Gates, there is the possibility to prosper, behind every door, in every classroom resides an impending miracle.

Her Voice

She Who Dares Explores

Our co-curricular programs explore the possibilities with every student, expanding a sense of themselves and recognising the potential within each and every girl.

Her Opportunities

She Who Dares Thrives

For 125 years, the very heart of our engaged, dynamic and inclusive community has remained the commitment to nurturing young minds to be bold and creative, independent and resilient, and who dare to make a difference, both within and, beyond school.

Her Wellbeing

Integrity | Curiosity | Perseverance | Empathy | Gratitude

As a leading girls’ school in Australia, St Catherine’s is committed to nurturing and empowering independent and globally responsive young women, enabling them to approach all their endeavours with confidence, wisdom and integrity.

Embedded in a St Catherine’s education is the unwavering focus on advancing the individual capacities of every student in our care to achieve their greatest personal success. Driven by the belief that wisdom is gained through authentic learning rather than the accumulation of content, St Catherine’s students are taught how to question, how to learn and posses an intellectual quality of thinking that prepares them for an increasingly complex and interconnected world.

The capacity to foster a culture of thinking is a hallmark of our academic programs and entrenched in the learning fabric of every classroom. Our intent is to ensure our students graduate from St Catherine’s with the capabilities and confidence to successfully participate within the changing landscape of the world around them.” Michelle Carroll, Principal

Our Boarders Call Illawarra Home

Year 10 student and boarder, Charlotte Rowe along with her parents Rosie and Mal Rowe share their experiences with us about boarding, online learning and the nurturing environment of St Catherine’s.

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Success is Determined by Attitude and Hard Work

I felt the warmth and kindness in the school grounds, and it felt like a nurturing environment. My girls have different skills and personalities. I felt that the School had the ability to provide opportunities for them both. I wanted them to receive a broad education that would spark their curiosity for future learning.

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Do your Best Today, Tomorrow Will Look After Itself

In all the schools we considered, academic excellence is a given, it is how that is wrapped up and delivered that matters most. St Catherine’s demonstrated the strong leadership and nurturing environment which were of utmost importance to me. I want my girls to grow up to be caring and inclusive in whatever they decide to do and St Catherine’s values align with that.

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Why did you choose St Catherine’s for your daughter?

I like the attention that St Catherine’s provides to each individual girl and its ability to provide leeway where it is needed as girls and their families navigate the teenage years, in particular. That focus on the big picture and the long run helps everyone keep perspective about what really matters.

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Anna Davis (‘87)

Melissa Sweetland (‘86)

St Catherine’s Old Girl and Foundation Board Member Fiona Menzies (’87)