Senior Years learning Model – A New School of Thought

In 2021, St Catherine’s School launches an innovative hybrid learning model for Years 10 and 11 that embraces both face-to-face teaching and online delivery.

Our senior students are embracing a new way of learning with more independence to control the pace of their learning as well as the flexibility to access Masterclass and Online Tutorials in an asynchronous mode.

The academic model combines 10 face-to-face lessons in a fortnightly cycle with a suite of Independent Learning Tutorials (ILTs). For each subject, the ILTs include a ‘Flexi-Tute’, modelling a tertiary model of learning with optional student support, and access to teachers and facilities. The addition of asynchronous Masterclass lectures and online tutorials with a focus on subject-specific skills, content and independent homework tasks allows for a hybrid learning model to be developed for the students.

Based on the latest research and delivered by our subject specialists, the ILT program is designed to deepen students understanding of the curriculum and encourage our students to be brave enough to think more broadly about the world around them. Flexi-tutorials are interspersed with shared dialogue between teacher and student as well as independent student inquiry to further reinforce the awareness that their voices and perspectives matter.

A typical Masterclass is carefully designed to embrace the full benefits of a hybrid teaching and learning model recognising that students experience very different learning outcomes when they can control the pace of their learning. By redesigning learning activities to allow for multiple means of engagement, representation, and demonstration, our students are better prepared for the next step in their learning journey to tertiary studies.

This model will continue to be developed and modified based on constant evaluation and analysis. This evaluation will allow us to continue to provide the most engaging and relevant learning experience for the students.

For our Students
  • Provides students with the skills & dispositions for tertiary study and careers
  • Flexibility to enable students to access the Masterclass and Online Tutorials in an asynchronous mode, either during a timetabled lesson time or at a time of their choosing.
  • Opportunities to access the Masterclass and Online Tutorials as many times as they wish to reinforce their learning.
  • Providing more choice and independence for students to control the pace of their learning.
  • Supporting students to develop greater independence with their own learning.
  • Developing students skills in synthesising content, note taking & critical engagement allowing for deeper learning.
  • Opportunities for measurable improvement in student engagement and results.
For our teachers
  • This new pedagogy is enhancing the way we teach learners of today and tomorrow.
  • We pursue thoughtful leaders who embrace new opportunities to develop and cultivate the next generation of critical thinkers.
For Parents