St Catherine’s School aspires to graduating intellectually and emotionally agile young women, fully prepared to navigate their futures across new and emerging industries, thrive within global and digital communities, persevere during adversity and remain authentic and fearless in all they pursue.

How do you prepare a young girl for her future?

At St Catherine’s School, we believe it begins with courage. From the moment a student walks through our Heyington Gates, she is encouraged to be bold, to inquire, to question and to contribute.

We aspire to graduating students possessing the confidence and capabilities to thrive in the ever-changing world of work, and to contribute to society in meaningful ways.

We are often asked to describe the essence of St Catherine’s School. Most noteworthy are the authentic learning experiences and quality of teaching provided by our professional and dedicated staff. Their expertise and warmth ensures the provision of a stimulating, tailored and future-focused education, for which St Catherine’s is internationally renowned defining the School as a leader in girls’ wellbeing and academic achievement.

Established in 1896, our reputation as a leader in girls’ education, for well over a century, is based on our readiness to embrace innovation. Our goals are in keeping with our founders’ original aim to prepare students for life; not only through education but also empowering girls to take ownership of their learning through active participation and engagement in School academic and co-curricular programs.

Our goals begin with the values that set St Catherine’s students apart, Integrity, Curiosity, Perseverance, Gratitude and Empathy, and provide a roadmap for developing key character traits and positive personal and intellectual behaviours.

These goals encompass advances in digital learning and a rigorous academic program, pedagogical innovation across all year levels, leadership and further strengthening our alumnae and community relationships, capital works and more.

We enjoy a reputation for academic excellence, a supportive community, an outstanding co-curricular program, exceptional teachers, fine facilities and established alumnae networks and yet we believe our greatest achievement is the quality of character which students of St Catherine’s exhibit.

When your child joins St Catherine’s she will tread the same floorboards as generations of remarkable students before them. Like them, she will discover her own path to a meaningful career and a full and relevant life.

There is no better way to discover the St Catherine’s experience than when you step through our historical Heyington Gates. It is then that you will see the authentic learning experiences and quality of teaching provided by our professional and dedicated staff, you will see our students actively engaged in learning experiences and gain a true understanding of the unique St Catherine’s community.