A culture of collaboration and trust in the capabilities of our students provides a vast array of leadership opportunities for our girls.

Students lead the way

St Catherine’s has a strong tradition of student leadership. Our Student Leadership system provides girls with leadership training and skill development as well as opportunities to experience positions of responsibility.

Our culture of collaboration ensures a mutual respect between teachers and students and continues to create a school environment which we all enjoy and can play a part in creating.

Students relish the opportunity to make decisions, take on responsibility and have an input into the direction of our School. Our teachers value the opinions of the many young and creative minds they are guiding and are constantly amazed by the inspiring ideas and capable organisation of our girls.

Barbreck (Junior School) Council

The Barbreck Council, is made from our Year 6 students. The Council meets each fortnight and is chaired by the Junior School Captains.

Year 12 Leaders

During Term 3, Senior Office Bearers are elected for the following year via a democratic process. All students in Year 11 students submit nominations for the Co-School Captains positions.

Students must have achieved a St Catherine’s School Leadership Diploma to be eligible to hold a leadership position. Year 11 students actively involved in each House, Committee or Co-curricular activity can be nominated for the position of Captain or Vice-Captain in Year 12.

The Year 12 cohort works as a leadership team with a Year 12 Executive comprised from the list of students short-listed for School Captain and Vice-Captain. The Executive works with the entire Year level to manage initiatives and lead the student body.

Captains of Boarding House, Art, Debating, Duke of Edinburgh, Environment, International, Community Service, Drama, the four Houses, Music and Sport will assume the responsibility of each portfolio and enlist the assistance of other members of Year 12. Specific Sport and Music Ensembles will also elect Captains to lead particular activities, for example Rowing, Snowsports and Strings.