​The spirit of St Catherine’s is evidenced in our four Houses, fostering camaraderie and friendly competition.

Our four School Houses – Beaulieu Blair, Davis, Langley Templeton and Holmes Kilbride contribute to St Catherine’s ‘spirit’ in many ways. Each House has their own colour and crest and, when House events are run, all the girls don their colours in support of their House.

The House events are a great way for students to develop friendships across different year levels and extend their group work skills. House events are run throughout the year and include House Arts, Gymnastics, Swimming, Public Speaking, Debating, Cross Country, Snowsports, Rowing and Athletics.

All House events contribute enormously to School spirit. The House with the most accumulated points wins the House Cup at the end of each year and our girls are always excited to hear the result. For girls who do not participate in many sports, House events provide them an opportunity to contribute to their House in a fun way and the whole School cheers them on to do their best.

The Structure

St Catherine’s School has four Houses from Prep to Year 12. Students stay in the allocated House throughout their St Catherine’s schooling. If applicable, students are placed in the same House as siblings or parent.

The House System is used for the basis of a House Competition (Cross Country, Swimming, Athletics, Debating, House Arts, Public Speaking). The House System is also used for Pastoral Care groups in the Senior School (Roll Call and Level Periods).

House Colours are awarded in the Senior School for contribution and participation in House activities. Students are awarded a badge at Years 8 and 10 and embroidery on the pocket in Year 12.


House Origins

Beaulieu Blair
House Colour: Yellow

Named after the original name of Sherren House, Beaulieu and ‘Blair House’ which was a school established by Miss Templeton, St Catherine’s Co- Principal from 1920 to 1931.

House Colour: Red

Named in honour of Miss Mary Davis, Principal from 1950 to 1971.

Holmes Kilbride
House Colour: Blue

Named after Miss Edna Holmes Headmistress from 1933 to 1943 and ‘Kilbride’ former name of Sherren House from 1911 to 1922.

Langley Templeton
House Colour: Green

Named after Miss Ruth Langley Principal from 1903 to 1933 and Miss Flora Templeton who was Co- Principal from 1920 to 1931.