Leadership can be learned and St Catherine’s offers this opportunity in a formal program for Years 9 and 10 students to stretch and strengthen their leadership attributes.

During Years 9 and 10 at St Catherine’s students are given the opportunity to strengthen their School community and refine and perfect their own leadership skills by studying for their Leadership Diploma, a qualification unique to St Catherine’s.

The Leadership Diploma incorporates all components of the Years 9 and 10 curriculum, recognising students’ involvement in and achievement from their academic and co-curricular program.

The Leadership Diploma is designed for students to become more independent. The Diploma drives them to be organised, proactive, altruistic, insightful and empathetic, with the opportunity to make a tangible difference to their School and local community

Encouraging students to step outside their comfort zones and become involved in new and different activities inside and outside the School is a major objective of the Leadership Diploma. The journey provides students with a strong insight, not only into School and the wider community, but also themselves through the personal reflections requirements of the Diploma.

Students must successfully complete a list of criteria which includes developing positive relationships, involvement in mentoring programs, Community Service and environment programs, performance and public speaking, Outdoor Education and being a positive role model.

Students who complete the Diploma are awarded a badge with their certificate and are eligible for leadership selection in Years 11 and 12 and Student Executive in Year 12.