Mindful Breath Practice For Calm

Mindful Breath Practice

The School in partnership with SCOGA, are pleased to offer our  families the opportunity to participate in a series of Mindful Breath Practice Sessions to relieve stress and create a sense of calm.

These nine 15-minute sessions over three weeks, guided by St Catherine’s Old Girl, Flip Shelton (’83), will help to bring about a sense of calm and arm you with strategies to implement before and during your up-coming exams. Control your breath; calm your ‘monkey mind’.

There is truth – and science – about those clichés ‘take a breath’ and ‘just breathe’. These exercises will show you how to breathe properly and why it’s so important. Spoiler alert – it lowers stress; activates the parasympathetic branch of the Autonomic Nervous System; steadies the body; and calms the mind.

In addition, conscious and deliberate breathing practices can alter your heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, improve your concentration and immunity – and it’s free to access at any time, once you know how!

What to expect over the sessions:

  • 9 x 15-minute guided breath work, mindfulness and meditation practice.
  • Set the tone for your day by accessing your ‘superpower’.
  • Tips and tricks to manage stress and anxiety whilst studying and during exams.
  • These sessions will have both an immediate and a cumulative benefit.
  • These short, regular breath and mindfulness practices will create a foundation for you to then establish an on-going practice which will support you mentally and physically.

What you need:

A comfy, quiet place. These breath practices can be done seated in a chair or firm couch, at your desk or outside. You might like to wear headphones to block out external noises, but this is not essential.

Please click here to access the first Mindful Breath Practice Session.

If you have any questions for Flip about any of the techniques, please email Meredith Taylor in the Advancement Office at mtaylor@stcatherines.net.au