Celebration of Music Evening

The Music Celebration Evening, held last Wednesday, was a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge the achievements and creativity of our Senior School Music students. Whilst we have missed the joy of playing and singing together this year, the St Catherine’s Music students have continued to hone their craft at home and contribute recordings and compositions to the many Senior School ensembles.

The night was hosted by our Music Captains, Holly McGlaughlin and Anita Yang. They have been wonderful role models this year, showing outstanding leadership, musicianship and contributing to multiple ensembles.

We saw a feisty performance from our Sherren Singers, directed by Ms Cher, singing Revolting Children with guest appearances by Mrs Midgley as Miss Trunchbull and solos from Chloe Thomas and Minnie Chen. We also took the opportunity to return to the atmospheric Cellar Bar for Jazz Night with Sophie Williams and Charlotte Aston singing Back to Black.

The night showcased our wonderful VCE Music Performance students. Catherine Chen (VCE Pianoforte) played a jazz arrangement of Over the Rainbow, Sophie Williams (VCE Voice Classical) sang Die Forelle (The Trout) and Isabelle Musson (VCE Contemporary Piano) played a rousing version of As Time Goes By from Casablanca.

It was also a chance to honour our Year 12 musicians and acknowledge the important contribution they have made to the music life of St Catherine’s. Lucy Campbell, Allison Duong, Elodie Ferrali, Anouk Heidenreich, Holly McGlaughlin, Tingquan (Gloria) Meng, Isabelle Musson, Ru Yan (Megan) Ong, Victoria Patsakos, Sophie Williams, Stella Wilson, Anita Yang and Ziyi (Selina) Zhan have made Music a part of their St Catherine’s life and are an inspiration for our younger students.

Special guest Clio Renner.

Special guest artist, singer, songwriter and keyboard player, Clio Renner gave us an insight into the wonderful opportunities she has had as a professional musician and treated us to a rocking performance of To the Wind from her new album Nothing Breaks, Nothing Mends.

The Music Celebration gave us the chance to award the Praga and Postiglione Violin Scholarships. Christina Wu (Praga) and Olivia (Rosie) Bogdan (Postiglione) are two highly deserving recipients of this prestigious award. Christina Wu achieved her AmusA violin this year and Rosie Bogdan was awarded Honours for Grade 8 Violin. They are both highly seasoned performers and have performed at many of our Concerto Concerts. Rosie entertained us with her performance of The Carnival of Venice by Niccolo Paganini, accompanied by Mrs Kate Denmead. The work of Christina Wu has been highlighted in previous Blue Ribbon editions here.

Eloise Rudge is a magnificent trombone player who performs in Jazz Band, Concert Band and Orchestra. She gave a wonderful performance of Groove Blues by Jim Snidero.

Anita and Holly took the opportunity to give a generous welcome to our Music Captains for 2022. Charlotte Myer (Choral Music Captain) and Catherine Chen (Instrumental Music Captain). We look forward to the leadership of Charlotte and Catherine, working with all our wonderful singers and instrumentalists in 2022.

Mr Tim Collins, Head of Music