From the Classroom: Prep are Back Onsite

The Prep girls and I were very happy to return to the classroom last week.

The quiet and lonely Prep room was once again filled with the joys of laughter and the chatter of play. The girls had missed their friends so much while in lockdown and were happy to once again be able to engage in imaginative play and learn alongside a buddy.

While online learning has its place, nothing beats being in the school environment, and what a lovely environment we have. The girls and I enjoyed learning both in, and outside, of the classroom. We had our phonics lesson outside as we drew the sounds we heard with chalk. During Maths we brought nature into the classroom, as we ordered flowers from tallest to shortest. We explored the vegetable garden, as we have been mapping and planning how to care for our veggie patch as part of our HASS unit.

The girls were so happy to see their specialist teachers again in person. Mrs Dods engaged the girls with beautiful music. Mrs De Nardis spoke about feelings during Health. Mrs Guest was lucky not to get caught up in the girls’ weaving during Art. Mr Crebbin took the girls out for some Soccer skills and every girl participated with eagerness and enjoyment during Sport. Mrs Requin filled the classroom with giggles as the girls listened to funny rhyme for their Library lesson. Mr Gold brought French back to life during Languages and Mr Russell took the girls on a “three little pigs adventure” looking at different materials around the School during STEM.

The girls have reminded us that School is to be enjoyed with friends.

Welcome back Preps.

Miss Annie Taylor, Prep Teacher