Barbreck Voices – Year 6 Student Initiative

In 2020, the Year 5 students, (now Year 6) came up with a wonderful idea to make our outdoor space an even better place to play and relax. Following interviews with all the Year 5 students, Mrs McArdle discovered that there was an overwhelming agreement on what Barbreck needed.

The girls thought that there was a need for an outdoor reading area and section where students could perform. Mrs McArdle recalls that Lexie Sowerby was a strong advocate for this to happen.

The fantastic team at St Catherine’s went into action, and we are delighted to report that Barbreck now has an array of colourful and comfortable beanbags where the students can sit, chat or read with a garden view!

We also have a stage area where we can enjoy musical or dramatic performances from our talented artists. Thank you to Hazel Wilson, for coming to School early last week to help set up the bean bags to surprise the girls when they walked up the driveway. The response was one of excitement and great pleasure!

Sienna Conway and Alexa Sowerby, Year 6