Looking around the studios in Term 4, it has been wonderful to see and hear Wiltondale in full use again. The space has been buzzing with VCE students, but it has also been wonderful to welcome back Year 7-10 to a place they belong.

As student work re-entered Wiltondale, I reflected to staff that the quality of VCE work had not changed in 2020, an amazing accomplishment considering the uncertainty of 2020.

A strong studio and design practice, with a focus on the development and documentation of ideas, materials and techniques throughout the Visual Arts within St Catherine’s School, has supported our VCE students when they went home to work.

I want to acknowledge the quality of the work across all three study designs and thank the VCE cohort for their trust, focus and efforts this year. I also want to thank the families of our students for their continued support of the Visual Arts program. While in remote learning, families became the support crew, art technician, advisor, motivator and carer.

We are thrilled to launch the 2020 Virtual VCE Art Show. Developed online, the VCE Art Show this year is a digital record of the skillful, refined and simply amazing art, design and media products produced mostly from home throughout two lockdowns. The quality of the students’ work deserved the respect of building a quality platform to showcase the VCE students’ work. The website took weeks to build and to showcase the work of the 2020 Unit 3 & 4 work, professional photographer Kit Haselden was commissioned to capture the non-digital work.

We are very proud of each and every Visual Arts student and invite you to enjoy this wonderful exhibition online at https://www.visualarts.stcatherines.net.au/

Mrs Vicki Marinelli, Head of Visual Arts