St Catherine’s Global Programs

The St Catherine’s Global Programs provides exceptional opportunities for senior students and aims to offer a range of academic and cultural opportunities to place learning within a broader global perspective, whilst encouraging the development of resilience and taking responsibility for one’s actions. Our Global Programs offer the opportunity to experience life in another country and develop an understanding of global citizenship.

Educational travel promotes open-mindedness, leading to new thinking and the desire to effect change, whilst encouraging the development of respectful relationships. Students learn to value the diversity of our global network through an appreciation of, and respect for, social, cultural and religious diversity.

In light of the challenges of 2020, we remain optimistic but cautious of the travel opportunities. 2020 has allowed us to ‘stay close and travel far’, in developing education travel opportunities for our Senior Students, within Australia and the Pacific Rim.

Earlier this week, we held the Global Programs Information night to outline the Expeditions and Exchanges for our students in Year 8-11.

Visit here to find out more about our Global Programs in 2021 and beyond.


Mrs Gina Peele, Director of Student Programs