Environment Club Recycling Market Next Tuesday

Did you know that every year, 800,000 tonnes of clothing and textiles are discarded by Australia and 90%, 720,000 tonnes, enters landfill? 

In order to combat statistics such as this, St Catherine’s Environment Club will hold a Recycling Market on Thursday 2 June. Through the Recycling Market, Senior School students can buy and sell each other’s clothes. 

We hope the Recycling Market will raise awareness and counter the fast fashion cycle that is particularly prominent in our society, with brands producing an excessive number of ranges each season, encouraging over consumption of fashion products.  

As Environment Captain I am hoping the market will inspire our School community to establish new habits in op shopping instead of purchasing more clothes than we need from brands that have unsustainable or unethical practices.  

To sell unwanted belongings, students are invited to purchase a stall for $10, where they can sell their clothes or other items. It is a fantastic way to recycle and generate some pocket money! The $10 that is used to purchase a stall (including a trestle table) will be donated to Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots Program.  

Sign-up for stalls will close on Monday May 20. Sign up via this link RECYCLING MARKET STALL SIGN UP.  

Arabella Llewelyn, Environment Captain