As St Catherine’s Careers Practitioners our role within the School is to assist Senior School students in managing their career pathways through: 

  • career education 
  • subject selection 
  • tertiary applications and beyond

At St Catherine’s, students are provided individualised learning programs which best suit their learning styles. With the guidance of the Careers Department, students are encouraged to explore many facets of the world of work through an extensive range of lessons, programs, information sessions, webinars, publications and resources, and counselling sessions we facilitate. 

Over the last two years, career education has evolved to reflect the dynamic and rapidly changing world of education, work, and social interactions. Last year, tertiary institutions provided early offers to some of our Year 12 students who applied for particular courses, while Year 10 students were offered the opportunity to complete work experience online. The pandemic facilitated incidental learning, with families being at home together, with many students observing (somewhat altered) daily tasks undertaken by their parents and carers at home!  

This year, we are thrilled to be attending many onsite Careers Practitioner days and sessions run by tertiary institutions to inform, and indeed promote, a wide variety of courses and pathways. What is particularly interesting is the way many tertiary institutions are responding to the changing landscape of the workplace. They are moving to meet these demands so there will be many opportunities for skilled and educated workers to take up these roles.  

Graduating secondary students may also face some hurdles brought to bear by COVID. As our students move from our School setting to tertiary institutions, we want them to be properly equipped to make decisions on what courses best suit them. St Catherine’s also emphasises the importance of being open to all possibilities. There are many pathways to choose from. This term, we have run lunchtime sessions on: 

  • Early Entry Schemes 
  • Tailoring your Personal Statements 
  • UK and USA applications 
  • ANU Early Offer Scheme 

As well as presentations from tertiary institutions such as ANU, RMIT, ACU and Bond University. These sessions have been well attended by Years 11 and 12 students. We encourage all our Senior students to keep up to date with University Open Days which are currently being published by the institutions themselves. 

Ms Kristy Tine and Ms Zoe Poulson, Careers Practitioners