Issue 454 | 27 May 22 | W5T2

From the Principal

Demonstrating Their Expertise

Being exposed to high performers at close quarters and being mentored plays a critical role in the education of a person. Those who excel in life have usually had another person alongside them providing advice, support, and wisdom.


Early Learning Centre

Junior School

Barbreck News – Staying Cyber Safe

The use, and misuse, of the internet is an ongoing concern for all schools and parents. The need for our children to understand what it means to be cyber-safe and put that understanding into practice is essential.


Towards 2025

Student VOICES

Senior School

Career Education

With the guidance of the Careers Department, students are encouraged to explore many facets of the world of work through an extensive range of lessons, programs, information sessions, webinars, publications and resources, and counselling sessions.


School News

Community News

Ruth Langley Luncheon

The Parents' and Friends' Association invites all members of the School community to the 2022 Ruth Langley Luncheon to be held on Friday 17 June at Zinc Restaurant.


Leading the Way