Junior School – Barbreck

Year 6 Leadership Assembly

On Friday 7 March, the Year 6 students commenced their role as Junior School leaders. Since Prep, they have regarded those before them that have assumed leadership roles. As they progressed through Barbreck, they have observed their role models take on the responsibility for setting the standards for younger students to follow. Now it is their time.

Our Year 6 students are invited to sign a pledge that acknowledges the responsibility that leadership bestows upon them and guides them on their journey through their final year in the Junior School. We have wonderful, strong, responsible and caring girls in Barbreck and we know that our Year 6 cohort will uphold the standard established by girls that have come before them. We commend all of you and know that you will be proud of your efforts throughout this year.

We also acknowledged the Year 6 students who were elected to hold captaincy positions. We congratulate the following girls:

2020 Junior School Captains

Position Name Name 
Junior School Captains Giselle Upton Elodie Scott-Elliott
Beaulieu Blair Captains Lulu Kyriakou Diya Asthana
Davis Captains May Sutton Amity Morris
Holmes Kilbride Captains Emma Peele Lexie Hill
Langley Templeton Captains Isabelle Peter Mia Upton
Music Captains Isabelle Cao Minnie Chen
Library Captains Alice Sutton Ava Ward

2020 Assembly Reporters

The Reporter positions enjoy significant roles as they bring to light students at Barbreck Assemblies about the achievements of others across the range of academic, cultural, environmental and physical pursuits. This year we welcome and look forward to hearing from the following reporters:

Academic May Aiello Mila Heng
The Arts Chloe Thomas Ava Murray
Environmental Scarlett Evans Harper Roberts
Sports Kristin Dodd Lily Van der Venne

Priority to Core Subjects

Literacy and Numeracy form the basis of our learning and underpin the learning of many other subjects. To provide the best opportunity for our students to develop strong skills in these areas, we have prioritised the subjects of English and Mathematics to the first few lessons of the day. At this time of the day, their minds are more receptible to learning and retaining new knowledge. As the first lesson of the day begins at 8.40am, it is important that the students be settled and prepared for this lesson to gain the greatest benefit.

Extension in English and Mathematics

Our belief is that students learn more effectively when teaching is pitched at an instructional level, where the pitch is just right – not too easy and not beyond reach. And with teacher guidance and support, students can understand new knowledge and ultimately apply it.

While all students may be of a similar age and in the same year level, they may have different levels of understanding which require instruction to be pitched at different levels. For these students, we will be offering extension lessons.

All students in Years Prep – Year 6 have been allocated the same common times for English and Mathematics. These common times will allow students in a particular year level to move to the next year level to receive instruction pitched at their level of need. In Years 5 and 6, identified students will receive instruction from Janette Matt, (Senior School Mathematics Teacher) and another teacher determined for English. These classes may need to be offered at different times to align with the senior school bell times and teacher availability.

Students will be identified for the Extension Programs by achieving the equivalent of a Stanine 9 through standardised test results. These lessons will commence shortly.

School Photographs

Junior School photographs will be taken on Monday 24 February. We ask that students arrive at school looking their best in the correct and complete uniform, with their hair well-groomed and tied-up with a blue ribbon if it touches the collar.

Good Hygiene Practices and Consideration for Others

To ensure continued good health for all of our girls, we ask that parents continue to reinforce good hygiene practices at home including:

  • Cover your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing with a tissue, or cough into your elbow.
  • Dispose of the tissue into a bin and then wash your hands afterwards.
  • Wash your hands regularly, after using the toilet, and before eating.

In a time of heightened sensitivity to good health, we ask parents to show care for fellow class members and adhere to the school policy of keeping girls at home until they are well.

Ms Karen McArdle, Head of Junior School