Our First Days in the Waratah Room

“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.” Socrates, Greek Philosopher

Children, families and teachers in the Waratah Room are cultivating both amazement and curiosity in our lives, creating stronger connections between ourselves and the world around us. Together, we are discovering that there is wonder in everything; the patterns of the veins in a leaf, the freckles on a face, the lines on a shell.

Over recent days, the children have begun to explore how we can use wonder to strengthen our relationships, tap into our sense of self, and better appreciate the sheer magic and adventure in our daily experience as a community of learners.


A shared interest in the sea has been the focus. Over the course of the past week, a ‘seaside collage experience’ has supported the children’s curiosity about nature and the environment. Henry initially shared seashells that he had collected during his summer holiday, which inspired the collective experience for the group. The children were invited to create their unique representations of the sea by way of exploring a variety of collage materials. This language-rich learning opportunity swiftly unveiled that visiting the beach throughout the summer season was a meaningful experience for many of the Waratah Room children.

To extend upon this area of interest, the children have also been invited to engage in play and learning using kinetic sand, which promotes relaxation and self-regulation. A collection of topical picture storybooks and artefacts from nature have been introduced to inspire play-based literacy learning and observation whilst acting as a provocation to consider the array of sea life that exists in our oceans.

Miss Kristina Schrader, Waratah Room Teacher