Celebrations and Commemorations – Year 3

Students commenced the year looking at the first celebration from their year-long unit on Celebrations and Commemorations. During the year, we will be exploring the different celebrations that occur in our calendar. Our first focus was on Australia Day.

Our discussions about Australia Day evolved around the question, “What does it mean to be an Australian?”

We started the lesson by reading a poem about Australia. It allowed the students to explore all the different things we love about Australia. This includes our country and acknowledging the people who have lived here for more than 65,000 years, as well as those who have arrived from another country and made Australia their home.

The story of Australia.
Is the story of me,
it’s the story of you,
it’s a story of we.

In parts it is painful,
in parts it is raw.
In others it’s beautiful,
inspiring great awe.

It tells of many people
from far and wide
and those who’ve been here
since the beginning of time.

It brings us together
and tears us apart.
We all have our views
so where do we start?
By listening to each other
and sharing our part.
We’re all part of the story.

Some of the students’ responses to the question, “What does it mean to be an Australian?”

“It means to me that everyone’s welcome and that they are all part of Australia. In the past people used to be judged for their accent and the food they ate. We are all welcomed in this beautiful country and we are all accepted as Australians. We are all allowed our own opinions.” Carys Dreaver

“It means to me that people can gather together even though they were born in a different country. It means you can be safe and free. You are allowed to have different opinions. People are always welcomed from far and wide. We will let them in our hearts no matter what they look like. Everyone is allowed in this beautiful country. We’re all part of Australia!” Genevieve Campbell

“It means that I am part of the story. I get to live in a free and safe land. It brings us together. We all have our views and it is beautiful. I will always be an Australian. We share our land and we also care for our land. I love Australia.” Charlotte Triolo

“It means we live in Australia and share the land together with people from far and wide who have come to this country where we are all accepted. We all have our place to share so there is no need to fight. It brings us together so now it is all peaceful.” Serena Ma

Mrs Lola Ballis, Year 3 Teacher