It is hard to believe that we are starting our final term of the year; it only seems like a few months ago that the girls were being welcomed to the start of the school year and their new teachers. We had a great start to the year and we will be working hard to ensure that we finish the year in the same way.


NAPLAN Results

Once again, our Barbreck girls performed well in NAPLAN (National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy). Congratulations to parents, teachers and especially the girls on their wonderful results – it is certainly a team effort!

In the graph below, I have included the results for Years 3 and 5 and have also included the Victorian state mean for comparison. As you will see, Barbreck girls are performing well above the Victorian state mean and, in some areas, they are performing at or above the state mean for two years above.

2019 NAPLAN Results


Junior School Video – She Can…

This week during assembly, we were thrilled to launch our new Junior School promotional video. As the main cast featuring in two days of filming, we wanted to ensure our students were the first to see the final result. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Welcome Mrs Neringa Smith, Barbreck Psychologist

Mrs Neringa Smith, a qualified educational psychologist and teacher, has been appointed to assist us with the pastoral and academic care of our Barbreck girls. She will work one day per week and will assist in:

  • Identifying the learning needs of students.
  • Providing information to teachers on best practice in addressing learning and pastoral needs.
  • Helping girls with playground and friendship issues.
  • Helping girls develop their social and emotional skills.
  • Assisting with referrals to specialists.

Mrs Smith’s appointment is part of our ongoing drive for continual improvement and, with her expertise, we are confident that her input will be invaluable to the academic and pastoral care we provide your daughters.

Village Green Works

Unfortunately, our Barbreck Village Green is requiring rectification work by the Junior School construction company (CICG) to improve the drainage and re-laying of new turf over the warmer spring months. This work is expected to commence on Monday 14 October and will take possibly up to three weeks to complete.

During this time, our Barbreck girls will still have access to their play equipment along the northern boundary fence and will be able to access the top sporting fields at lunchtime with scheduled teacher supervision.

To ensure the safety of the students, construction fencing has been erected, with traffic management activated as required. As a matter of interest to parents, all site personnel will have completed Working With Children Checks.

Please direct any queries to Mr Mike Zammit, Director of Business.

Ms Karen McArdle, Head of Junior School


Year 5 Economics and Business

The Year 5 students have been busy exploring Economics and Business for their Semester 2 Humanities investigation. The girls have shown a keen interest in learning about trade and how supply and demand affects trade and the price consumers pay for goods at the shops.

Their inquiry took them to countries around the world where they learned about the key industries of different countries, and how imports and exports affect a country’s economy.

May Aiello, Ava Ward, Scarlett Evans, Elodie Scott-Elliott and Kristin Dodd with their Economics Words and Facts folders.

Putting their understanding of trade and imports and exports into action, the girls worked together in small groups to build a healthy economy for their countries in ‘The Trading Game’. They all gave their country a name and through the production, sale and trade of three dimensional shapes, the girls have learned how to build an economy and decide what services and businesses are required to meet the needs and wants of a growing population. With girls taking on the roles of bankers, traders and town planners, The Trading Game engages them in real world learning. The Year 5 Economics and Business unit has allowed for a cross-disciplinary approach to learning, with Maths and Literacy heavily built into the unit.

May Sutton, Isabelle Peter, Shamsa Aljneibi and Finn McCarthy with some of the countries they have been developing in The Trading Game.

“I have really enjoyed learning about Economics in Year 5. The Trading Game is extremely fun while teaching us about supply and demand, trade, exchange, assets and growth. It is a very fun way of learning about all the different aspects of economics.” – Kaixuan (Isabelle) Cao.

“The Trading Game is truly a great experience to explore some shapes and work as a team with other classmates to make the best economy for your citizens. What I especially enjoyed was making the shapes to make buildings for your country and knowing that you contributed to an amazing economy and you feel proud about it.” Giselle Upton.

“The Trading Game is a fun experience for us. Economics helps us learn about a country’s GDP. The games and activities are a fun way to remember and learn.”Ava Ward and Sage Prior.

Miss Fiona Wardlaw, Year 5 Teacher