PECE (Propagation, Education, Conservation and Exploration) Program

On Monday 9 September, the Year 8 cohort travelled to the Alcoa Conservation Reserve at Anglesea where native orchid experts, Doctor John Varigos and Margaret MacDonald, along with volunteers from ANGAIR (Anglesea, Aireys Inlet Society for the Protection of Flora and Fauna), led tours of the local heathland.

The Year 8 cohort toured the local heathland at the Alcoa Conservation Reserve, Anglesea.

Students were able to observe the orchid species similar to the species they have been growing from seed at school. Students were then met by local national park rangers where they viewed the disused local power station and coal mine. The future of the mine and power station were discussed as well as local conservation issues such as the impact of burning off and the regeneration of species of orchids not previously identified in the area.

The Year 8 students observed orchid species similar to the species they have been growing from seed at school.

Australian National Chemistry Quiz

In July, VCE Chemistry and interested Year 10 Science students participated in the Royal Australian Chemical Institute Australian National Chemistry Quiz. The Quiz attracted entries from schools in Australia, Asia, England, Canada and Switzerland. The Quiz aims to promote and encourage an awareness of the nature and relevance of Chemistry amongst secondary school students.

Congratulations to the following students for an outstanding effort:

Year 10 Candidates

  • Jessica Yang received a High Distinction.
  • Ella Johns and Tiffany Pham received a Distinction.
  • Clementine Newton-Brown received a Credit.
  • Tingquan (Gloria) Meng received a High Distinction Excellence Award for an outstanding performance.

Year 11 Candidates

  • Claire Hayne received a High Distinction.
  • Lucy Croft, Jasmyn Jiang and Serena Sitch received a Distinction.
  • Indiana Wilde received a Credit.

Year 12 Candidates

  • Clementine Aston and Gabriella Tymms received a Distinction.
  • Mardi Bray, Darcy Christie, Celia Cody, Qirui (Cindy) Li, Henrietta Paterson and Olivia Soong Zi Yuan received a Credit.

High Distinction: The top 10 per cent of students in the state.
Distinction: The top 10-25 per cent of students in the state.
Credit: The top 25-40 per cent of students in the state.

Ms Vanessa Jackson-McRae, Head of Science