Father’s Day Breakfast

The children in the Blue Gum Room invited their Dads to a special breakfast on Tuesday 28 August to celebrate Father’s Day. In the lead up to this special morning, the children prepared a key ring as a gift, which included a drawing and a photo of themselves. The children also took great ownership in putting together an invitation for the event.

Prior to the breakfast, the children gathered as a group to share ideas as to what to have on the menu and to plan how the morning will unfold. They chose croissants, cereal, fruit and muesli for the menu.

After breakfast, the children invited their Dads into the classroom to play at one of their favourite experiences. We also took this opportunity to highlight a collaborative project the children have been involved in this term. The ‘Road Map’ project was photographed and placed on the tables to showcase this project to the Dads.

The children enjoyed this memorable morning. This event highlighted the importance of coming together as a community and recognising that the children’s learning environment is important to them.

Mrs Helen Nicolaou, Blue Gum Room Teacher