Celebrating With Our Dads

Celebrating With Our Dads

Campbell House was buzzing with excitement when the children recently welcomed their Dads for their Father’s Day celebrations. These occasions are always a wonderful opportunity for the children and their parents to spend this very special time together.

Each class hosted a special celebration where the children and their Dads enjoyed breakfast together. They spent time enjoying stories, singing and sharing their learning journals. Much planning had gone into the event as the children discussed their ideas, prepared beautiful invitations, planned the menu and rehearsed songs. Special gifts had been lovingly prepared by the children and were presented to the Dads.

It is always wonderful to see and hear the delight in the children as they share this time with their Dads.

Here, the children share their thoughts about what they love about their Dads…

“I love it when my Dad throws me up in the air. It makes me feel happy. I love it when we ride our bikes to the park.” – Georgia.

“I love playing football and soccer with my Daddy. I love to give him hugs and kisses. My Dad lifts me up on his shoulders. It makes me feel happy.” – Lewis.

“My Dad tucks me in at night. He gives me cuddles and reads me a story. He eats breakfast with us. I love going to the park with Dad.” – Ella P.

“I love him very much. I cuddle him. He likes to tickle me and we eat a bit of chocolate and watch TV at night.” – Jordan.

Ms Sarah Bethune, ELC Coordinator