Book Week 2018

With Book Week celebrations happening every August, Term 3 is always a busy time for the Library Department. This year, Book Week has been particularly special for our Junior School students, as we have had a brand new library as the backdrop to our celebrations. The new space was festooned with balloons and colour, an exciting indication of all the wonderful activities to come.

The theme for Book Week 2018 was ‘Find Your Treasure’, and this was explored in many of our activities. The children had the opportunity to match the Junior School staff member with a picture of their special treasure, and our Prep to Year 3 students participated in a special lunchtime treasure hunt.

We found our treasure in other ways too – there was much to be gleaned from the fabulous authors and performers who ran sessions with our girls. We welcomed back author and editor Jane Godwin (Our Australian Girl series), who worked with our Year 5 and 6 students, and the wonderfully musical author and illustrator R.A. Spratt (Peski Kids and Friday Barnes), who ran workshops with the Year 6 students. Prep to Year 4 students were treated to a highly energetic and moving performance of the Children’s Book Council of Australia shortlisted book Boy, in which they played the part of ‘villagers’ and learnt some sign language.

As a way of familiarising the older girls with the Nicholas Library, Years 5 and 6 students were invited to join the Senior girls in attending our annual Talking Books Breakfast. Students, staff and parents came together for breakfast and to listen to a discussion about books with young adult author Nicole Hayes (A Shadow’s Breath and The Whole of My World). Nicole discussed her journey in writing, her writing process and how her life and interests have shaped her books. This is an intimate event, where students are able to converse directly with the author, and Nicole was impressed by the questions our audience asked.

As if this was not enough, all the wonderful regular Book Week activities were happening throughout the week. We shared storytime with the ELC children, dressed teddy bears as characters from books and collected tokens ready to ‘spend’ at the annual Book Swap.

With our new Library space located right in the middle of the Junior School, Book Week really felt like a party this year. Our team have worked very hard to make the transition into the new space as seamless as possible. It is a very different space from the old Library, but Mrs Victoria Baldacchino and Mrs Judy Hoole have instantly made it feel like home. While the works on the new external space continue, the Junior School Library has become home to our girls during recess and lunch, where books are read, games are played and friendships are forged.

Ms Kathryn White, Head of Educational Resources and Information Centre