Top Arts and Design Students Shortlisted

Congratulations to Chloe Page whose design work has made the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authorities (VCAA) Top Design’s shortlist.

Chloe created an infographic and branding work for client Meraki, a store who supports micro-financing for African communities.

Using a range of hand-made techniques, this beautiful work is an excellent example of how design is used to visually communicate ideas to an audience.

Congratulations also to Elizabeth Buller, Angela Sexton and Stephanie Wills who have both made it to the VCAA Top Arts shortlist.

Elizabeth used real bugs as metaphors for the compulsive and sometimes overwhelming thoughts humans have.

By using real bugs collected from her farm, Elizabeth played with the fascination and revolution we feel when we encounter infestations of insects, which she used to symbolise the infestation of thoughts.

Some of her artworks are orderly and some have a strong sense of chaos, just like emotions and thoughts.

In working in the art form installation Elizabeth has been able to use the empty space around the artwork to offer the viewer multiple views and multiple interpretations.

Congratulations Elizabeth on your hard work and determination in VCE Studio Arts this year and for making the shortlist for Top Arts!

Angela’s Studio Arts folio was shortlisted for Top Arts based on the highly skillful in the way she developed and refined her painting and drawing techniques in order to communicate her ideas about the isolation created by social media and the use of personal technologies.

Angela’s studies of Baroque artist Caravaggio influenced her adaption of the chiaroscuro, the technique of extreme tonal qualities. The use of chiaroscuro helped communicate a sense of isolation and awkwardness, which makes her work so compelling and honest.

Great work Angela.

Stephanie’s highly realistic artworks communicates her interest in the natural world and more specifically the beauty of flowers.

Her working methods are reminiscent of the old masters, entailing hours and hours of fine detail which highlight her incredible technical skills. Congratulations Stephanie on having your work receive this recognition.

Top Arts and Top Designs are curated exhibitions of exemplary VCE artworks and designs from across the state which will be held in 2018 at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Mrs Vicki Marinelli, Art Teacher