At midday on Wednesday 6 December, 2017 the School year concludes for all students in Campbell House.

It is hard to believe, but with the very well planned programs, tasks, projects, activities and special events carefully designed by the highly dedicated and professional staff, the busy days for young learners sees time move quickly! It is our privilege to be in a situation in which we can readily observe on a daily basis the growth of each of your children. Physical changes occur, but we also heartily celebrate the growth in confidence, skill levels, relationship building, identity, curiosity and imagination.

Your children have been immersed in an educational environment conducive to positive learning habits. Our aim, at all times, is to build a desire in each of the children to be life long learners.

The appetite for learning in young children is insatiable. In Campbell House, we foster this beautifully with the wonderful support and partnership of our parents. Home and School work together for the benefit of each young learner and 2017 has again seen this.

Thank you to all our parents for your wonderful assistance throughout the year in so many ways.

Farewells and Welcomes

At the end of 2017 we farewell most of our current 4YO ELC students as they prepare for the transition in 2018 to their next exciting chapter in education – Prep!

In 2018, we will welcome back, and into the 4YO ELC Program, most of the current 3YO ELC students. All ready to “move” upstairs! Also, we will welcome our 2018 3YO ELC students who, with excitement, commence their first steps into Early Learning education. For all, it is a most exciting time – for learners and families alike!

Thanks to Campbell House Staff

To all the staff who work in Campbell House with your children, we extend our heartiest thanks for the care and commitment shown each day for every young learner in their care.

The gentle way in which each student is encouraged, assisted and endorsed is readily observed by all. The role models, so important for young learners, are positive, strong and enthusiastic about learning, as well as encouraging confidence and respect for self and others.

Ms Sarah Bethune and Ms Fiona Barker, in their roles as Coordinators in the Early Learning Centre, have once again this year worked with passion and fine attention to detail and professionalism. In their ninth year working together in this role, they have gone from strength to strength. Their experience, skills and talent are always ever present, as is their outstanding generosity to share it all with those around them.

Deepest thanks to both Sarah and Fiona. Wonderful educators and outstanding professionals.

In 2018 we will welcome back Mrs Helen Nicolaou who returns from maternity leave.

We look forward to the 2018 School year and all that it will bring in Campbell House. 

Ms Fiona Barker 2018

After nine years of excellent, professional service as one of the two ELC Coordinators in Campbell House, Ms Fiona Barker has decided to step down from this position in 2018. We celebrate her keen intention to retain her part time teaching position.

An outstanding educator and passionate Early Learning advocate, Fiona has made significant contributions to the curriculum advances and offerings in Campbell House. In her role as Coordinator, Fiona has worked extremely hard with her characteristic professional approach and enhanced all offerings available to Campbell House learners.

Fiona’s work with Ms Sarah Bethune has, and always will be, highly respected. We sincerely thank Fiona for her work as Coordinator and eagerly look forward to again watching the way in which the Banksia Room learners flourish in 2018. 

Coordinator Campbell House 2018

Congratulations to Ms Sarah Bethune who has accepted the 2018 position as Coordinator of Campbell House. Sarah is extremely well respected and recognised for her outstanding knowledge of the educational and pastoral needs of early learners. Whilst Sarah’s role  will not have responsibility for one of the classrooms in 2018, Sarah will be working/teaching in each Campbell House classroom every week.

This flexibility will enable Sarah to observe and familiarise herself with every learner. We are sure that parents will feel extremely comfortable to seek a discussion with Sarah, should they have questions or concerns to raise which require her opinion or expertise.

An exciting change and an offering we look forward to with pleasure. 

Season’s Greetings

Together with Campbell House staff, I wish all Campbell House families a wonderful Christmas season, filled with peace, joy and love.

May the New Year bring time for families to share celebrations of new beginnings and importantly, time to spend with family and friends.

We look forward to commencing the 2018 year in Campbell House from Thursday 2 February for all new and returning learners and their families.

Mrs Alana Moor
Head of ELC and Barbreck
Playful Numeracy

Recently, the Wattle Room children have been engaging in playful, hands-on Mathematics experiences at the classroom Light Table. The experience was introduced via a Morning Meeting. Four categories of colours were presented upon an abacus and small counters. The children used these items, as well as familiar ‘number stones’, to sort, count and add groups of items together.

Benjamin introduced the idea of adding together two pots full of counters to find the total amount. Marianna suggested that the children could also make patterns with the resources; combining small sets of numbers in interesting and playful ways.

The children decided that working on ordering the number pots is a crucial step too, as is ensuring that they are using correct one-to-one correspondence as they count out each item. For example, the children were encouraged to move each ball on the abacus as they counted aloud, to ensure they successfully completed the sequence. This playful experience has proven to be very engaging and has inspired many conversations about a number of mathematical concepts in the Wattle Room.

Miss Kristina Schrader
Wattle Room Teacher