It is difficult to fathom how quickly this year has gone and how much the Year 7s have accomplished in the last 12 months. This week is the final week of classes for the cohort with many exciting events to look forward to in the last couple of weeks of the School term.

This week, the Year 7s attended an excursion at the South Melbourne Market. This outing provided them the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of nutrition from what they have been studying in their Health classes. Whilst the majority of the students tend to make very healthy choices on the whole throughout the School year, the lollies, ice-creams and pastries on offer at the Market proved too tempting for some.

The girls will also be attending an excursion to the Old Melbourne Gaol and the Immigration Museum to learn more about the histories that make Melbourne such a uniquely diverse city. In Geography this semester, the students studied the topic of ‘Livability’ with many students feeling very proud to call Melbourne home, seeing as it has again been voted the most liveable city in the world.

It is with much anticipation that the students embark upon their very first House Arts week, following a celebration of their achievements at the Years 7 and 8 Awards Assembly. This Assembly is a representation of how enthusiastic and involved the whole Year level has been, with many students acknowledged for their tremendous contribution to the School. The House Arts performance will no doubt be a highlight of the year for many and will be a fitting conclusion to such a significant year for this cohort.

The Year level has been a source of pride and joy and I wish every student in Year 7 the very best for next year and a safe and restful summer break.

Ms Kanako Yokouchi, Dean of Year 7