Senior School House Athletics

Congratulations to Holmes Kilbride who took out first place at the 2017 St Catherine’s annual House Athletics event held yesterday. A special mention to Blue Ribbon recipient, Annelise Cody (Davis) and Junior Flyer – Lilli Holmes (Holmes Kilbride).

AFL Round Two: Rivalry Week


  • St Catherine’s School: 48 defeated Melbourne Girls Grammar School: 12
  • Player Excellence Award: Lucinda Kelly (Year 12)
  • Player Coaches Award: Olivia Kempton (Year 11)

Round Two of the Senior AFL fixture brought the match we have all been waiting for: navy v baby blue; brown shoes v black shoes; South Yarra v Toorak. It was time for our game against Melbourne Girls Grammar. The afternoon was off to a slow start with a team full of excited girls left stranded on the harsh footpaths of St George’s Road, waiting for a bus that seemingly, was never going to appear. Just when all hope was nearly lost, and emergency supplies were about to be called in in the form of Sophia Rothfield’s (Year 10) UberEATS, our Grey Line chariot appeared on the horizon and we were on the road. Despite this rocky start, the atmosphere on the bus was electric, and the roar of the pump-up playlist, which surprisingly featured tracks from both PNAU and KC & the Sunshine Band, had the team ready and rearing to go.

We arrived at Stanley Gross with one objective: to bring a win back to 3142. If we thought last week’s game was impressive, we had no idea what was in store for us that day. From the first bounce, we controlled the game, effortlessly working the ball from end to end in a flurry of handballs, overlapping runs and precision kicks. Melbourne Girls were dumbfounded, and the crowd of spectating parents were thoroughly entertained. The girls charged into half-time with a convincing 20 point lead, but they were not to be satisfied, St Carnage were finishing not with a fizzle, but with a bang. The girls continued to show their ever improving skill and managed to come out with a brilliant victory.

Highlights of the game included: Captain Lucinda Kelly’s (Year 12) long-range goal, Alexandra ‘don’t stop me now’ Stopp’s (Year 12) never-ending efforts to get the ball off the ground and out of congestion, the Christian sisters double act in the forward fifty, Claudia Perkin’s (Year 11) nimble footwork in the forward pocket, Gabriella Tymm’s (Year 10) quick hands in the mid-field, Olivia Kempton’s (Year 11) continuous runs and torping kicks up and down the right flank, Annabel ‘can’t touch this’ Joubert’s (Year 11) continuous ability to evade tackles in the mid, Anabella Houghton’s (Year 12) swollen left hand, Juliet Grant’s (Year 11) continuous runs out of full back, Alexandra McBain’s (Year 11) flying rebounds off the half-back line, Sarah ‘do I get to tackle in that position?’ Wilson’s (Year 11) continued efforts to strip the opposition of the ball, and Emily Sutherland’s (Year 10) dominant efforts in the ruck. The team had high hopes for rivalry week, and we couldn’t have asked for anything more, thrills, spills and a win, made for a game to remember. We look forward to Round Three on the road against Toorak College!

Miss Charlotte Wyles, Football Coach
Senior A Netball Report

St Catherine’s A 32 def Lauriston 17

Player Excellence Award: Juliet Grant (Year 11)

Player Coaches Award: Lucinda Kelly (Year 12)

This week the Senior A Netball team travelled the short bus ride to Lauriston Girls’ School. After enjoying a longer warm-up than usual, the girls got straight into the game. All the girls were enjoying themselves and it showed in the way they played netball. It was a well-contested game with our girls coming away with the win 32-17. With some very impressive performances from our accurate goalers, Georgia Deacon (Year 12) and Juliet Grant (Year 11) and the outstanding mid-court teamwork from Lucy Church (Year 12) and Chloe Page (Year 12). Bring on the match against Melbourne Girls Grammar School!

Miss Olivia Cody, Netball Coach
Senior A Hockey Report

St Catherine’s  1 drew with St Margaret’s 1

Player Excellence Award: Ingrid Crossing (Year 12)

Player Coaches Award: Eliane Sadler (Year 12)

From the start, the girls put up a good fight, leading to Gretel Newton-Brown (Year 12) scoring the first goal of the game. We continued to challenge the St Margaret’s team, however, finished with a one all draw. Despite the draw, the girls were clearly more confident in their skills and it was great to see them remain competitive throughout the whole game.

Georgie Gleeson, Hockey Coach
Mr Nick Racina, Assistant Head of Sport