Learning with Vigour

Physically, the learners in Campbell House seem to have grown so much. This is certainly matched by their observable growth in confidence, physical and social skills and their hunger to learn.

In Campbell House, we view our learners as competent and capable. Therefore, our learning environment and the programs, tasks and activities we implement, are sensitively geared to the interests and natural curiosity of our young learners.

Educators must be passionate and constantly attentive to the needs and interests of our children – which can be different in all children. As an experienced educator, having taught in numerous learning environments, I applaud the staff in Campbell house, without reserve and thank them for their constant and thorough care of our young learners.

Learning is observable

Exploring, running, playing with natural objects, being introduced to differences in terrain and materials; and time to build, create, dramatise and dream, are all essential elements in order to meet the needs of keen young learners.

Classrooms, seen by most as ‘the place for learning’, are definitely only one such offering. The outdoor environment is also an equally valuable learning place.  Curriculum guidelines from the Early Years Learning Framework and the parallel use of the Reggio Emilia approach, are evident in both the classrooms and outdoor environment in Campbell House.

Evident to keen observers, are the ways in which staff attend to aesthetics, organisation, thought, provocation, communication and interaction, always so carefully planned.

A degree of freedom, lots of fresh air, space, physical challenges opportunities for imaginative and creative play and a myriad of other outdoor opportunities, assure the maximum chance of children thoroughly enjoying themselves, making links in learning, building confidence and acquiring new skills.

Weather permitting, we emphasise and encourage the provision of outdoor opportunities for all young children.

“The best classroom and the richest cupboard is roofed only by the Sky”  Mrs Margaret McMillan

Ceres Excursion

The Banksia Room children were so excited to travel on a bus on Wednesday 3 May to learn about plants and animals with their Wattle Room friends. CERES is a not-for-profit, sustainability centre and urban farm located on 4.5 hectares on the Merri Creek in East Brunswick. Here, the children learnt about how seeds grow and the love and care required for tiny plants to flourish. Some yoga about the cycle of seeds and plant growth, helped the children to tune into their experiences. Each child was able to feed the hens and observe how they live. They also looked carefully at a functioning beehive (behind glass) to see the clever bees working hard to make honey.  A highlight was holding a worm, allowing it to squirm on their hand, giving it a name and then putting it back where it lives.  As the morning concluded with the children planting a little seed to bring back to the ELC and watch it grow.

Ms Fiona Barker, Banksia Room



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