New Outdoor Learning Space Opens!

What a glorious day it was on Wednesday 30 November 2016 when the new landscaped “Natural Play Space” in Campbell House was opened by Mrs Susan Grant (’59). Mrs Grant is the daughter of the late Mr James Campbell, whose outstanding contribution as Chair of Council for 15 years from 1952–67 occasioned Campbell House to be named in his honour.

The opening was a special moment for educators and parents alike. A time to explore the ways in which all our young learners will be able to enjoy learning so much in the outdoors.

The research surrounding the need for young learners to understand and learn about the greatness of nature and the boundless ways in which natural materials can help to build balance, climbing skills, core strength and physicality is compelling. Importantly, in a place outdoors, supervised and well supported by adults, young learners can experience a variety of textures and learn to be aware of the need to look, listen and make choices which are good.

Textures which range from soft to hard, gravel to stone, wooden to rocky to slippery, to uphill and to downhill, wet and dry.

Visual literacy skills are developed when there is an experienced and keen eye for what is around us.

Caution and risk factors are necessary to negotiate. Where better place to learn.

We look forward to a whole new opportunity for learning for our students – both indoors and outdoors.


Congratulations to Jill Baker

Jill-Baker-and-Fiona_390x295_acf_croppedDuring the opening of the Outdoor Learning Space, St Catherine’s Principal, Mrs Michelle Carroll announced the 2016 Staff Award for Service to the School Community.

We are so proud to congratulate Ms Jill Baker, Early Learning Assistant who received the award in recognition of her dedication, hard work and passion for our School community.

Mrs Carroll said, “during her 21 years at St Catherine’s, Jill has so beautifully shared her sewing, gardening and cooking skills with children and staff. Jill was responsible for making the wonderful bow that makes an appearance at our opening of buildings, and she regularly makes items for School as requested, including cushions, t-shirts, ELC costumes for performances and general repairs.

Her Award nomination also included these words:

Jill is largely known for her exceptional skills as a classroom assistant. She is quick to respond to requests as needed, shows warmth and compassion to the children, and has established an excellent relationship and network with families and staff.  Being trained as a teacher herself, she is able to identify the children’s needs as required, and initiate some wonderful ideas regarding the programs. She is also an excellent colleague, and loves working in a team environment.

Congratulations Jill and thank you for your generosity and skills.

Thanks to Campbell House Staff

To all the staff who work in Campbell House with our young learners, we extend our heartiest thanks for the care and commitment they show each day for all in their care.

The gentle way in which each student is encouraged, assisted and endorsed is readily observed by all. The role models, so important for young learners, are positive, strong and enthusiastic about learning, as well as encouraging confidence and respect for self and others.

Ms Sarah Bethune and Ms Fiona Barker, in their roles as Coordinators in the Early Learning Centre have once again this year worked with passion, a fine attention to detail and professionalism.  Sincere thanks to both of them. Their experience, skills and talent always ever present, as is their outstanding generosity to share it all with those around them.

We farewell Mrs Lyn Pewtress, as she moves towards a new role as Director at Kilvington Grammar School in the ELC. We thank her for her work in Campbell House and especially in the Banksia Room.

May Christmas and the holidays bring time for staff to relax and refresh.

We look forward to the 2017 School year and all that it will bring in Campbell House.

Season’s Greetings

seasons-greetingsTogether with Campbell House staff, I wish all Campbell House families a wonderful Christmas season, filled with peace, joy and love.

May the New Year bring time for families to share celebrations of new beginnings and importantly, time to spend with family and friends.

We look forward to commencing the 2017 year in Campbell House from Thursday 2 February for all new and returning learners and their families.

Mrs Alana Moor, Head of Early Learning Centre and Junior School