Celebrations this week and last have been indeed wonderful and memorable occasions.

The celebrations for Year 6 of 2016 were all about student achievements, big and small, but all highly valued and the result of personal endeavour. Whether that be in their academic work, Music, Sport, Co-curricular involvement or all of the above.

As staff, we highly value the contributions made to School life by each of the Year 6 students. They are now ready to move into the next chapter of their schooling as they enter Year 7 with excitement and very well articulated memories of what they will now have behind them.

Each student has contributed generously and immediately when tasks were required or events needed to be led. Especially, we note their understanding, tolerance, advice and sensible listening to when required. They all demonstrated a capacity to problem solve when the occasion arose.

We thank parents for working with us, supporting us and appreciating at times that when growing up, the challenges can be daunting and advice not as palatable as one would like!

We wish all our Year 6 students of 2016 an absolutely wonderful time in Year 7 and have encouraged them all to take every opportunity to warmly welcome new friends into their School journey.


A reminder to all 2017 parents:

Day One: Years 1–6, Wednesday 1 February

Day One: Prep, Thursday 2 February

For parent information about before and after School activities commencement dates, please note the following:

Extra Activities Term 1, 2017

Please note the following important information regarding the commencement dates for extra activities in Term 1.

Please note: No Jazz Ballet classes 2017

Week 1

  • E classes will begin Swimming in the first week

(No other extra classes)

  •  Swim Squads and lessons Wednesday 1 February at the scheduled times.

Week 2

  •  After School Sport

Mondays: Years 3 and 4 have (optional) after School sport  3.30pm–4.30pm. Monday 6 February on a weekly basis.         

Tuesdays: Years 5 and 6 have (compulsory) after School sport 3.30pm–5.00pm. Tuesday 7 February on a weekly basis.

  • Junior Joggers Years 4–6 Tuesday 7 February at 7.30am
  • Gymnastics Monday 6 February
  • Tennis Monday  6 February
  • French club

‘Les Lucioles’ Years 2–3. Thursday 9 February at Recess

‘Club Français de Barbreck’ Years 4–6. Thursday 9 February  3.45pm–4.30pm

  • Stage Skills

Year 3 Tuesday 7 February  30pm–4.30pm

Year 4 Tuesday 7 February  12.50pm–1.20pm

Week 3

  •  Homework Happenings

Years 3–6 Monday 7 February – 24 March  3.45pm–4.15pm (Term bookings only)

  • “STEM” will commence Monday 13 March

Monday – Years 5 and 6

Wednesday – Year 3

Thursday – Year 4

Friday – Year 2

Year 1 commence “STEM” Term 4 

  • Epstein Singers Wednesday 15 February  7.45am – 8.45am 
  • Write on Wednesday Wednesday 15 February  3.30pm – 4.30pm
Thank You Sonali Versace

Sonali Versace has taught after School Jazz Ballet lessons to many, many St Catherine’s girls. She is now taking a well deserved break, possibly a retirement.

We thank Sonali on behalf of every dancer throughout those years.

St Catherine’s School will not be offering Jazz Ballet sessions in 2017. We will hopefully resume similar opportunities when we are in our new building, utilising the auditorium as the venue.

Such excitement is ahead! A new facility will open up so many possibilities. We certainly eagerly look forward to the first “sod being turned” on our Junior School development!

The School year draws to a close

On behalf of all Barbreck staff, I thank families for working with us towards effecting sound care for Barbreck students. Staff are applauded for their effort and professionalism in assisting every student to pursue her best academically and socially. I sincerely thank all Barbreck staff – from those in the Junior School Office, to those in the classrooms and specialist teaching areas.

As 2016 closes, we farewell Miss Georgie Skinner, who has taught Year 5H for the past Semester. Her commitment and hard work have been much appreciated. We wish Georgie well as she moves into a new role at De La Salle College.

We warmly wish all Barbreck students and families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We wish you all very happy holidays and safe travels.

2017 School Year

The School year for Barbreck students commences as follows:

Wednesday 1 February 8.30am, for Years 1 to 6 students.

Thursday 2 February 8.30am, for Prep students.

Mrs Alana Moor, Head of Early Learning Centre and Junior School