Issue 327 8 February 2019 W2T1

From the Principal

Early Learning Centre

Junior School

The First Day of the New School Year

I would like to thank parents for making sure the girls were well prepared for their first day and to all of the contributors to the Village Green – there was a great deal of excitement in the air which will continue well into the years to come.


Director's Insights

Reward and Recognition

During the holiday break, I spent some time reading articles acknowledging the need for skills gained both in the classroom and outside the classroom.


VCE Insights

VCE Insights

Welcome to the first edition of VCE Insights for 2019. The purpose of this newsletter to inform parents and carers of VCE students of upcoming academic, pastoral and careers events.


Senior School

Year 7 Update

The beginning of Year 7 is always a mixture of emotions - a little bit of nerves coupled with a lot of excitement.


Music Notes