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Our Class of 2020

Our Class of 2020 serve as a reminder that our hopes and dreams have not been lost to COVID, that as a School, we continue to build enthusiastically for the excitement that lies ahead.

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Her Journey

Our Junior School provides an environment that allows girls to find their voice and develop into confident, capable and happy students.

Her Journey

Her Voice

Your child’s education is one of the most important decisions you can make. Our bold dream for St Catherine’s is to empower our girls with the best start in their educational journey.

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Her Opportunities

Our co-curricular programs provide experiences to enhance the development of the whole child, complementing skills learned in the classroom.

Her Opportunities

Her Wellbeing

Our Student Wellbeing Program encourages positive relationships and a commitment to the development of leadership skills, resilience, and social responsibility.

Her Wellbeing

Integrity | Curiosity | Perseverance | Empathy

Nil magnum nisi bonum – Nothing is great unless it is good.

As a leading girls’ school in Australia, St Catherine’s is committed to nurturing and empowering independent and globally responsive young women, enabling them to approach all their endeavours with confidence, wisdom and integrity.

“As Principal, I am often asked to describe the essence of St Catherine’s School. Most noteworthy are the authentic learning experiences and quality of teaching provided by our professional and dedicated staff. Their expertise and warmth ensures the provision of a stimulating, tailored and future-focused education, for which St Catherine’s is internationally renowned defining the School as a leader in girls’ wellbeing and academic achievement.” Michelle Carroll, Principal

Success is Determined by Attitude and Hard Work

I felt the warmth and kindness in the school grounds, and it felt like a nurturing environment. My girls have different skills and personalities. I felt that the School had the ability to provide opportunities for them both. I wanted them to receive a broad education that would spark their curiosity for future learning.

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Do your Best Today, Tomorrow Will Look After Itself

In all the schools we considered, academic excellence is a given, it is how that is wrapped up and delivered that matters most. St Catherine’s demonstrated the strong leadership and nurturing environment which were of utmost importance to me. I want my girls to grow up to be caring and inclusive in whatever they decide to do and St Catherine’s values align with that.

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What is the most enjoyable element of being part of St Catherine’s School?

There are always moments that ignite that sense of belonging that the School community never lets slip away. All the enjoyable elements of being a part of this School lead back to such strength of community. Countless times spent with both my year level and others have constituted an unbreakable bond that we will share forever. That continuous connection, those small moments; that is the part that makes being at St Catherine’s so special.

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Why did you choose St Catherine’s for your daughter?

I like the attention that St Catherine’s provides to each individual girl and its ability to provide leeway where it is needed as girls and their families navigate the teenage years, in particular. That focus on the big picture and the long run helps everyone keep perspective about what really matters.

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What is the most enjoyable element of being part of St Catherine’s School?

The ability to get involved in as many co-curricular activities as you wish. I love being able to meet different girls playing sports through Girls Sports Victoria, participating in the plays, involving myself in music and dominating in debating.

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Anna Davis (‘87)

Melissa Sweetland (‘86)

Alexandra Shergold - 2020 Co-Captain

St Catherine’s Old Girl and Foundation Board Member Fiona Menzies (’87)

Sophie Boyce - 2020 School Co-captain