VCE Examinations Marking

This Term, the School will have 15 staff members who are selected as VCE Examination Assessors. The opportunity to strengthen knowledge specific to subjects is made available by training as an Assessor for VCE examinations with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) and then forming part of the Statewide team of Assessors for Written Examinations, Oral Examinations and Arts Performance Examinations.

As the ultimate professional development for teachers, the experience of marking VCE examinations offers the opportunity for training along with the collegial sharing of ideas to enable a strengthened teaching and learning practice. It also provides teachers with exposure to the full range of student performance, a greater understanding of the expected standard of students and the opportunity to participate in discussions that inform decisions about the marking scheme.

Having such ‘insider knowledge’ of the examination processes and marking schemes certainly informs the teaching practices, the development of curriculum resources and provides a level of teacher-confidence within our Senior cohorts.

2017 VCAA Assessors

Maths Faculty

Miss Jeanette Gunn                       Maths Methods (Exam 2)

Mrs Janette Matt                            Specialist Maths (Exam 2) Assistant Chief Assessor

Science Faculty

Ms Lee Brandt                                Physics

Ms Vanessa Jackson-McRae       Chemistry

Ms Fiona Ganino-Day                   Psychology

Ms Sue Macgeorge                         Biology

Humanities Faculty

Mr Adrian Puckering                     Global Politics

Miss Sally Wilkinson                     Business Management

Language Faculty

Ms Kanako Yokouchi                     Japanese SL (Oral Exam)

Mr Glen Robins                               French (Oral Exam)

Miss Winnie Xie                              Chinese SL (Oral Exam)

The Arts Faculty

Mr James Brown                             Theatre Studies

Ms Lilly Dusting                               Visual Communication & Design

English Faculty

Miss Kristy Forrest                          English

HPE Faculty

Mr Brad Hicks                                  Physical Education

Remembrance Day Service

With the extended break this weekend, our Senior Students commemorated Remembrance Day this week during our School Assembly. As a School, we were honoured to welcome Mr Michael Fogarty, the President of the Toorak RSL sub-branch and Mr Jack Bell, a Second World War veteran to our Remembrance Day Assembly.

During the Assembly, Mr Bell shared his story as a War Veteran where he was a Royal Australian Air Force Pilot. Mr Bell fought in the Middle East and Mediterranean where he was unfortunately, captured following an aircraft accident. Mr Bell was held hostage as a Prisoner of War for nine months. At almost 100 years of age, he provided an honest and moving recollection of this period of his life; a time which he admitted to not speaking about for 45 years upon his return. It was a great privilege to hear Mr Bell’s first-hand experiences and for the audience to better understand the journey of those who have served our country. It was a poignant reminder of the Australian mateship and bravery. Our students showed a deep respect and gratitude for all Mr Bell had experienced during his time of Service. Mr Bell’s heartrending speech was followed by a stunning musical performance by Sherren Singers, conducted by Mrs Lyn Henshall, which provided a time for quiet reflection of Mr Bell’s journey in the Air Force.

During the Assembly, Mr Michael Fogarty, presented a plaque and certificate to the Humanities Faculty in recognition of St Catherine’s being recently announced Victorian School Winner of the ANZAC Day School Award. The Award recognised our commemoration of Anzac Day and the innovative learning activities undertaken during the Year 10 study of Second World War, which involved the digital storytelling of Australia’s involvement in the war, projected through augmented reality. Thank you and congratulations to Head of Humanities, Mrs Katrina Davey for coordinating the Service this week and her leadership resulting in the School being selected as State Winner.

The students also provided a rousing Happy Birthday to Mr Bell for his forthcoming centennial birthday.


The following ‘Pledge of Remembrance’ was read by Hope Kudelka (Year 10) during the Assembly.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

The Australian soldier grows not old, the flame still lights his eyes

Although his body lays to rest, his flag forever flies

On the green and gold horizon where the wattles sweep and sway

It flies amongst the gardens and the classrooms of today

Over ocean streams and backyard dreams, above the sunburnt plain

Through harvest yields, on sporting fields, in rainbows after rain

It defines a life worth living and a day that must be won

For every father’s daughter and for every mother’s son

But more than that, the honour claimed in fighting for the free

The pride of the Australian soldier burns in you and me

When the night is dark and dangerous with the rumble of the storm

His courage calls the sunrise and his spirit makes it warm

We will not forget their sacrifice – the strength of their endeavour

For the choices we are gifted with, that flame will burn forever

With a smile that lights the future shining brightly in our scope

We will stand as one, together – we will carry on with hope

But as we go, we take the words that rightfully belong “ I am young and I am worthy, I am brave and I am strong

In the face of any challenge, I will strive to rise above

I deserve this opportunity to live, to learn, to love

I can truly make a difference; my path is up to me

And this is my commitment – be the best that I can be.”

Mrs Michelle Carroll, Principal