Every year, the Visual Arts staff at St Catherine’s School are very proud of the achievements of our VCE students.  In 2017, there were 90 individual projects exhibited in the VCE Visual Arts Show held during 13-16 October. The work exhibited was varied, and highlighted the depth and diversity of our students’ interests and artistic concerns. Evident were artforms and visual communications as diverse as environmental design, portrait photography, collage, photography of light, oil painting, installation, video, logo design, drawing, photographic collage, watercolour painting, life casting, sculpture and mixed media.

At St Catherine’s School, we offer three Visual Arts VCE subjects, Media, Visual Communication Design and Studio Arts. All three subjects require a folio of work that takes considerable time and effort to fully instigate, develop, refine and resolve students’ individual art or design ideas. The VCE Visual Arts Show offers the students an audience and, more importantly, that audience comprises of their families and friends who have been alongside each student on the ‘VCE journey’.

Andy Dinan, the director of MARS gallery, opened the VCE Visual Arts show on Friday 13 October. She spoke eloquently about her career and implored the students to follow their passions. Andy’s message that successful careers develop from following your dreams and working hard was pertinent to students as they begin the VCE examination season. Andy spoke of her interest and curiosity in the artworks of Eliza Cullen, Stephanie Jones, Annabelle Williams, Elisabeth Buller and Sonja Mason and, in doing so, thrilled the girls, many of whom are considering careers in the Visual Arts.

The Visual Arts staff awarded encouragement awards intended to acknowledge students who have worked with intent and focus to Elizabeth Gorton, Hayley Cottrell, Chloe Page, Zi Yi (Joy) Luo, Wai Ieng (Patricia) Wu, Sarah Wilson, Lily Arnoul and Mengting (Antonia) Zou.

With most of the students wondering where the year went, and with the examinations looming, a celebration of the VCE students’ achievements was the perfect reminder of the success one can achieve if they follow their passions and commit to focused work.

Mrs Vicki Marinelli, Acting Head of Arts