Semester 1 concludes

As Term 2 concludes, our Early Learning educators are reflecting on the rapid growth that has been observed in our young learners, over the course of the Term. With the Term appearing to fly by so quickly, our educators have noted quite notable growth both physically, socially, emotionally and in the acquisition of skills.

Independence is certainly something our young learners strive for and we emphatically encourage our curious and eager learners to think, question and enquire as much as possible. Thereby, assisting their learning, their ability to problem solve, challenge themselves, to hypothesise and to physically do as much as they can for themselves.

We ask families to promote all of the above as our young learners have a three-week break. Independence in both physical and thinking capabilities are essential for school readiness.

Children are both capable and competent. We see evidence of this on a daily basis in each of our learners. In Term 4, we will observe further growth in all key areas and we eagerly look forward to the privilege of working with families in order to pursue the best outcomes possible for each individual.

We sincerely hope that all families have the opportunity to enjoy some quality time together in the Term break. For those who are travelling, we wish you safe travels. For those at home, we hope you enjoy activities and time spent as a family.

Thank you to all Campbell House staff for what has been a rich program of tasks, projects and activities for the children and as always, for their excellent pastoral care.

Relationships are so important

The five outcomes stated in the Early Years Framework (National Early Years Curriculum ) guide our programs, interactions and activities in Campbell House.

The Reggio Emilia approach partners magnificently with the pursuit of the critical outcomes. Children have a strong sense of identity’ is one of the five outcomes. Certainly, we strive to effect this important goal in all that we undertake.

Staff work earnestly towards exposure to opportunities for the young learners to assist them to cement a sense of self and interaction with others which endorses a feeling of respect and worth.

Four Leaf Clover Program

Each term, there are several opportunities for the Year 4 students in Junior School (Barbreck) and the learners in the Wattle and Banksia classrooms to enjoy quality time together. It is always a popular, busy, active and joyful time.

Children require a sense of importance and the security of love, care and strong relationship building skills are essential for this.

Interacting with others, demonstrating care for self and others, sympathy and respect for others involve complex learning for children but sound habits of mind and attitudes are certainly formed at an early age. Family and school working together helps to endorse and cement these skills.

As educators, it is pleasing to observe the warmth, care and respect for others that is quite evident when the Year 4 students meet up with their young friend from Campbell House. It is clearly a special time for each student and the benefits are mutual.

As well as being a wonderful learning opportunity, this experience emphatically promotes feelings of being valued and cared for, respect for others, communicating well and smiling.

The ability to build positive relationships is imperative, no matter what age you are!

Today’s snapshots below provide only a glimpse into the learning and fun, that is derived from the Four Leaf Clover Program, however, we hope you enjoy them.

Effective Learning, What Does it Take?

Parents in the 4YO classes are now looking towards school entry in 2018 for their child.

For any information sought regarding ‘what to look for in an effective classroom environment?’, I am very happy to converse with parents in order to assist in any way possible with this question. Choosing a school can be a very complex task. Much thought and contemplation is invested in this choice and as an experienced educator, I am always happy to answer any queries raised by parents which may help or assist with a final decision.

Please call my Personal Assistant, Mrs Mary Poulos or email a request for an appointment for discussion to

An Invitation to Tour Barbreck

As parents will be aware, we are preparing to move into a most outstanding new learning facility at St Catherine’s School. Our robust and successful academic programs will still be ever present, however the building itself will be brand new, purpose built and offer even more variety of programs through the new specific ‘STEM’ room, the ‘Language Lab’, Auditorium and new spaces for independent and group work as well as traditional classrooms set up to engage learners, promote focus and task completion.

All Campbell House families are warmly welcome to take a guided tour of Barbreck whilst students from Prep to Year 6 are engaged in their learning programs.

Tours can be arranged for parents to meet with Mrs Alana Moor, Head of Barbreck and to enjoy a walk around Barbreck to observe the engagement and focus, as well as the high personal pursuits of students as they complete the busy and productive tasks set for them in Mathematics, English and various other subjects making up a curriculum rich in learning and with a focus on achievement and thinking skills.

Please contact Mrs Mary Poulos, Personal Assistant to the Head of ELC and Barbreck, on (03) 9828 3020 or visit the Barbreck Office to arrange a tour.

Blue Gum Room

Throughout this Term, the children in Blue Gum Room have been engaged in a project in relation to roads and the city. The initial focus of the project was on roadways and road systems, transport and road signs. As the project evolved, the students’ focus shifted to the roadways within the city. The children designed and constructed city buildings to add to their play and most recently they have been working on a collaborative mural of a cityscape. This is the first time that the children have worked together on a collaborative group piece such as this.

First, we talked about what a mural is. Then we looked at some images of city buildings in the Melbourne CBD. Each student took on different roles in this process. Some were involved in the discussion and planning, others were involved in the drawing and design, and others took on the role of painting. It has been wonderful to observe the children sharing their ideas, making designs and plans, constructing, problem solving and negotiating throughout this process.

Ms Sarah Bethune, Blue Gum Room Teacher
Mrs Alana Moor, Head of ELC and Barbreck