The Senior Years Learning Model – Masterclass in Mathematics

At St Catherine’s we are committed to adapting our model of learning and educational platform in a way that meets the needs of our students in this rapidly changing world. Teaching methods need to evolve to keep up with these changing times and incorporate integrated technologies into the learning model. Our central objective is to embrace the benefits of both face-to-face teaching and an online delivery for students.

Mrs Angela Klancic, Head of Mathematics shares with us how this is being facilitated in Mathematics.

Masterclasses have been delivered at Years 10 and 11 in 2021, and have provided students with an opportunity to review specific skills in greater depth, and enabled them with the opportunity to consolidate concepts taught in Mathematics, particularly the more challenging components within our courses that focus on analysis and the use of higher order thinking.

Masterclass recordings have been used to support the students’ learning in Year 11 Mathematical Methods throughout Term 1. We have explored The Unit Circle and its properties, Linear and Quadratic Functions and Algebraic Techniques. Our Masterclasses have allowed us to identify a number of effective and efficient strategies used when solving application problems associated with these areas. Particularly, analysis problems that require a multi-tiered approach and the use of complex thinking routines. These problems require a high degree of formulation, dissection of information and analysis.

The Masterclass recordings allow students time to listen, annotate and digest information at their own pace. It also affords them the opportunity to revisit explanations and strategies that can used to successfully navigate their way through to an accurate solution to a number of different problems at a later date. The Masterclasses in Term 2 will begin revising content and examination-type questions. This platform provides students with additional tuition, and consolidation of skills.

Students in Mathematical Methods have also been instrumental in the process, whereby teachers have liaised with the Student Body and designed a program that responds to their specific needs of the students at St Catherine’s, and consequently have tailored to the girls’ requirements including addressing areas of challenge, but also providing an avenue to further enrichment.

Mrs Angela Klancic, Head of Mathematics