100 (plus a few) days of Prep  

When it comes to special occasions, the people you get to celebrate and share the occasion with are important. Sometimes it is not what you are celebrating, but who you are celebrating with, that makes the occasion so special.  

This year, our Prep class decided to wait until all our teammates were able to attend School to enjoy our 100 days of Prep celebrations together. Hence, 100, plus a few days, of Prep! 

100 days of Prep is something we have been counting to since the first day of school. The girls thought we would reach the milestone quickly, but with weekends and holidays scattered throughout, they soon realised how long it would take to achieve 100 days.  

Over the past few weeks especially, the Prep girls, their teachers and parents can see the growth that has taken place over the past 100 days, with many of the girls reflecting on what they have achieved in what really is a short amount of time in their school journey. 

Our day was spent comfy and warm in our pyjamas. The girls enjoyed participating in all things 100: 

  • 100 stacking cups 
  • 100-piece puzzles 
  • 100 beaded necklaces 
  • 100 second challenge, which we learnt was one minute and 40 seconds 
  • 100 crowns or medals 
  • 100 pieces of chain 
  • 100 pieces of Lego Challenge, to name but a few.  

The girls enjoyed learning their 100 days of Prep song that had been adapted by our Performing Arts teacher Ms Dhono Isworo. The girls performed it beautifully at our Assembly. The girls were also delighted to receive their teddy keychain bag tags from Ms Sarah O’Brien (‘02), President of St Catherine’s Old Girls’ Association. This wonderful tradition has been enjoyed by our Prep girls for the past four years and something they all look forward to receiving. 

At the end of the day the Preps all went home with a balloon, some hundreds and thousands freckles, certificates, and lots of fun memories. 

Thank you Prep girls for a wonderful day of celebrating. 

Miss Annie Taylor, Prep Teacher