Music Notes – Musicians Continue to Find a Way

Musicians continue to find a way this term.

Our musicians and vocalists across both the Senior School and Junior School continue to develop and hone their craft and our choirs, bands and orchestras continue learning new skills.

We are keeping the fun going in our online rehearsals with ‘Musical Me’ in orchestra, including special guest stars in other ensembles. Mr Tim Neal (Australia’s leading Hammond Organ Jazz expert) inspired our students in their last Jazz Band rehearsal. Visits from Ms Sharon Batterham (leading choir director) in Breakfast with Epstein and our very own Miss Victoria Patsakos inspired the Sherren Singers.

Music Camp did not go ahead this term but our much-loved Trivia and ‘Dress up as a Song Title’ night continued online with over 80 students and staff. Music Captains, Anita Yang and Holly McGlaughlin hosted the ‘2010s Trivia’ and ‘Musicals Trivia’ which were both won by Catherine Chen in Year 11. Students and staff alike went to a great deal of trouble to create witty dress ups, including Janine and Emily Hu with ‘when I grow up’ and a beautiful costume of Amygdala’s ragdoll by Alexandra (Ali) Mirabella.

We also look back to Jazz Night at the Cellar Bar in St Kilda which was one of our few live events. This was a fabulous night of glitz and swing, featuring our very own Sax Ensemble, Glee, Jazz Band and Viva Voci. The night also featured knockout solos from Valerie Plastow, Megan Chang, Victoria Patsakos, Charlotte Aston, Sophie Williams, Sarah Pratt, Mary Kellis, Stella Wilson, Isabelle Musson and Charlotte Myer all accompanied by the fabulous Rory Clark Trio.

We have finished off the term with three Junior School recitals and three Senior School recitals. These recitals really celebrate the tenacity and creativity of our students as they continue to develop and hone their musical skills at home.

Our Years 11 to 12 Level Concert featured the talents of Zhi Qing (Emma) Yang (Year 11) Flute, Sophie Williams (VCE) Voice, Megan Chang (VCE) Voice, Angela Yu (Year 11) Flute, Isabelle Musson (VCE) Piano.

Our Years 9 to 10 Level Concert showcased Sienna Lonetti (Flute), Gia Vy (Sue) Nguyen (Piano), Ava Colosimo (Flute), Flora Du (Violin), Emma Gregory (Flute), Lilla Barrington (Piano and Voice).

It is clear our students have been working very hard at home. The Senior Recital featured some very sophisticated pieces and highly polished performances from Mila Heng (Year 7) Clarinet, Tianyi (Lydia) Hu (Year 9) Cello, Maeli Davenport (Year 9) Oboe, Katherine Graham (Year 10) Piano, Ava Colosimo (Year 10) Flute, Qiyao (Grace) Shen (Year 7) Oboe, Sue Nguyen (Year 10) Piano, Keyue (Karen) Deng (Year 10) Violin, Emma Gregory (Year 10) Flute, Angelina Chumbley (Year 9) Cello, Xiting (Christine) Chi (Year 8) Flute, Hexuan (Helena) Zhou (Year 8) Cello, Angela Yu (Year 11) Flute, Janine Hu (Year 7) Horn, Emma Yang (Year 11) Flute, Qing Chun (Joanna) Yang (Year 9) Cello and Flora Du (Year 10 ) Viola.

Continue to look for our wonderful musicians on St Catherine’s social media platforms via Music Mondays and within the Blue Ribbon’s 125 Gala Milestones: Unplugged, this week we hear Sophie William’s performance of Green Finch and Linnet Bird from Stephen Sondheim’s harrowing musical Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, accompanied by Mrs Kate Denmead on piano.

Mr Tim Collins, Head of Music