Barbreck Update – W10T3

Care Packs

Over the past week it has delighted our Barbreck team to put together care packs, for our wonderful Barbreck girls.

The pack contains a number of activities for the girls to enjoy over the break, with the aim to bring a little joy, peace, happiness and fun to their days.

One of the activities is planting dwarf sunflower seeds. The hope is the girls can experience joy as they grow and happiness when they flower.

The packs are personally addressed to the girls, as we know they love receiving packages in the mail.

So, please keep an eye out for them!

Long Service Leave

Next term, we farewell Miss Wootton (Year 5) and Mr Tainsh (Year 4) as they take their well-deserved long service leave. We know they will enjoy the break after many years of teaching and we wish them the best of times whilst on their respective leave.

Miss Melissa Mabilia has been engaged to take Miss Wootton’s class for Term 4 and Ms Kristen Dhono-Isworo, who the girls in Year 4 have come to know well while she has taken Mrs Iacuone’s class this term, will move to take Mr Tainsh’s class for Term 4.

Thanks go to Mrs Emma Stephens who replaced Ms Simone Schilte while on long service leave this term. I know the girls loved having her as their teacher and appreciated the care and support she gave everyone.

Happy Spring Holidays

Whilst Term 3 has been challenging with two lockdowns within the ten-week period, our students, staff and Barbreck parents have adapted well and been working hard. Now, it is time for a break.

Our thoughts and prayers are with our ELC staff members currently recovering from COVID-19 and all those staff and families in our St Catherine’s Community in quarantine, experiencing hardship or loss of personal contact with loved ones interstate. I encourage everyone to hold fast to happiness and kindness, find things to be grateful for and to offer friendship and support always.

I wish our wonderful and caring Barbreck community a safe and restful holiday with continued good health. I thank everyone for the support and kindness you have all shown to each other. I hopefully look forward to the return of our girls to on-campus learning in Term 4.

Ms Karen McArdle, Head of Junior School